How to Get the Best High From Cannabis

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Ask anyone who smoked weed in the 1970s, marijuana is a lot stronger these days; or so I have been told. Advances in technology and science have, in my weed smoking tenure, moved my supply from a sandwich bag full of something seeds and stems to something in a vial, grown with precision and lacking seeds entirely.

Dense, trichome covered buds kept pleasantly marinating in the rich, almost textured flavors of its own terpenes are not only a standard in the days of recreational marijuana; they are merely a part of the experience.

Knowing how to get the best high from marijuana these days is not just looking at THC percentages. The expanding categories of marijuana concentrate, extracts, edibles, and topical products continue to evolve the experience, just as a phenomenon the likes of “the entourage effect” is being further scrutinized among the cannabis industry.

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The entourage effect argues the terpenes found within cannabis, separated from the cannabis plant itself, may cause relaxation or focus. Yet, when combined with the full terpene and cannabinoid profile found in the plant, these effects are magnified.

This, according to “the entourage effect”, creates the full experience that is modern cannabis.

When combined with the various cannabinoids, including THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, THCV, CBG, etc. the effect and experience can be almost determined by a level of accuracy unfathomable decades ago. After all, scientists haven’t a clue how cannabis got one “high” until the 1960s.

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Cherry Picking Your Flavor and Effects

In the high altitude environment, that Colorado is known for, the marijuana industry has spurned out hundreds of dispensaries, edible and infused-product producers, and concentrate or extraction companies. The advancement of the industry into a legal, regulated market has allowed for investment in new technology, all while educating the community on the various parts of the cannabis plant.

Learning – and that is exactly what it is – how to get the best high is about asking questions and experimenting. You could likely try a new strain every day for a year and still have more to try; yet, you’d be missing out on the wonders of edible or the fast-acting treat that is marijuana concentrates. Scientific research has begun to reveal the body actually processes THC differently when consumed in edibles as opposed to smoke or vaporization. This can create longer-lasting effects and stronger body sensations.

In response to these differences in effect, several states, including Colorado and Washington, have limited the amount of active THC per edible package to 100 mg for recreational consumers.

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Concentrates, offering loud flavors and even louder potency, can quickly push new consumers to highs beyond their personal preference and should be carefully consumed. For experienced users, concentrates offer potent high with minimal cost to the lungs and, in many cases, can be consumed discreetly via a hash oil pen.


The various cannabinoids found in the plant can affect everything from appetite to energy, awareness, and relaxation. To experience the best high, it is important to know how to mix cannabinoids in mindful proportions – creating new flavors and changing the overall experience.

In Colorado, the cannabinoid profile of all marijuana products is analyzed in a lab before being sold. You can find out exactly how much THC, THC-A, CBD, or CBD-A, and CBN are available in your products. Some companies include additional cannabinoid percentages, but it is not required by the state.

Colorado does not require companies to test the terpene profile of their products, yet, as the cannabis industry has evolved in the state, many dispensaries have opted to do such testing to provide their customers with top-tier insight into their various products.

Even more astounding, the rise of the marijuana industry has fueled the rise of cannabis terpenes as a separate, flavor-enhancing supplement. You can now mix and match strains, flavors, forms, and effects – all in pursuit of the best high you know how to get.

With this in mind, I offer two tips to keep your high as elevated, but manageable as possible.

Tip #1: Keep it balanced

Depending on your level of recreation (aka – how much you use cannabis), approaching the experience should always include a consideration of balance. Looking for edibles, concentrates, topicals, and strains with a balanced – or at least a proportional – amount of cannabinoids can elevate the experience from euphoric and enjoyable to euphoric, energetic, focused, and relaxed. In my experience, consuming a product with a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio THC to CBD not only grounds you in the present, it reduces pain and inflammation, making it perfect for recovery or lounging around.

Tip #2: Multiple forms & flavors for an all-day experience

Knowing how to get the best high means knowing how cannabis affects you in its various forms. As I’ve mentioned, edibles affect you differently than smoking or vaping and the different flavors and effects by way of terpenes and cannabinoids can create unique, personally optimized cannabis experiences.

If you are up to it, small doses of THC-infused edibles combined with a CBD-infused patch offers long-lasting good vibes without paranoia or strong sedation. You can remain active through the long, sunny summer days. To take it a step further, add in some fresh terpenes to blend with flower, concentrate, or food, augmenting the effect profile of your cannabis products in an almost aromatherapeutic way.