Popular Weed Clothing Brands

Hipster_pot_leaf_By Georgi Fadejev
Photo by: Georgi Fadejev/ shutterstock

Celebrated comedian Billy Crystal said it best in his unforgettable 1980’s Saturday Night Live skit, “You Look Marvelous!!” Impersonating screen actor Fernando Lamas in a spoof called Fernando’s Hideaway, Crystal’s bit was an instant sensation as he quipped, “It’s better to look good than to feel good.”

happy 420 merch logoWhen it comes to cannabis, our primary pre-occupation is feeling good. But for many stoners, looking good is an equally urgent concern. There are dozens of brands that cater specifically to the cannabis consumer. From hemp tees to high-end vegan threads to weed sweats, here are some awesome weed clothing brands for the in vogue pot smoker.

Bongjour Clothing Company

This company is focused essentially on artistic expression. They refer to themselves elemental and a group of hemp enthusiasts. They are admittedly a throwback to times past in their fashions. The brand is reflective of a higher state of consciousness.

Cannabis Rocks

This company prides itself on one-of-a-kind creations for the cannabis consumer. They specialize in dispensary and business branding. It was initially for Hollywood A-listers with an infusion technique. Each work is unique.

Captain Chronica

This company bills itself as the leading alternative lifestyle weed clothing brand. Its sociality is providing the best weed clothing in the industry. They make Tees, Hoodies, Tanks, in addition to mugs, stickers and much more.

Green Arbor Clothing Co.

A great combination of fashion and cannabis enthusiasts, this firm treats both very seriously. They design weed clothing for the discerning adult marijuana aficionado to reflect a mature sense of cool.

Happy 420 Merch

This is an online retailer dedicated to providing marijuana themed and related merchandise and accessories for a diverse customer base.


This company specializes in printed body suits, vegan leather hologram backpacks. They pride themselves on creating cruelty-free, ethical and locally based weed clothing that meets the trend.

Higher Shop

Billed as the number one weed clothing brand on the globe, this company was created by a couple Frenchmen who desired to share their passion and enthusiasm for their favorite flower.


The creators of this company have been working in the area of hemp related textiles for more than 20 years. They want to help fight climate change through their laid-back fashions. They use only the most environmentally friendly industrial fabric on the globe. They also print some of the most classic and colorful Tees.

Mary Jane T Shirt Co.

Mary Jane TShirt CoThis firm is witty and smart even subtle and casual at times. If you want to make a bold fashion statement or just add to the conversation, their line of weed clothing and accessories they can provide just the right look to hang out with other cannabis enthusiasts.

Mowgli Surf

Need a great pair of sweat pants; look no further than this company who creates hand-dyed, surfer-hip, American-made clothing. You can wear them on your next adventure regardless to how far the beach might be.

Personal Stash

No weed clothing list would be complete without the company. From the creators of the “I Bud You” logo founded by New York artists who clearly have a true love for pot you can check out their weed-themed shoelaces that are even available in strains like New York Deisel and Granddaddy Purp. You can even purchase a marijuana outfit for your bed.

Rasta Empire

The Rasta Empire is committed to providing you with the freshest weed clothing, music, and books for the Rasta and Reggae lifestyles at rock bottom prices. They inventory a complete selection of gear from Bob Marley and is available on the internet. If it is in the market place, they have it.

Recreator Hemp Apparel & Brand Merchandising

This company is based in California and is well known as a lifestyle brand of premier merchandising service to the marijuana smoking community. Their hemp fabrics are made from the highest quality fibers before being placed in the market in a sustained way. The clothes are printed digitally in Los Angeles. They offer customized tees, tote bags, bandanas and a whole lot more. The goal is to aid the cannabis industry and its businesses show their brands and build additional streams of revenue. Their hemp is smooth, lightweight and extremely breathable. Customers have said that they can’t find a reason to not buy and they wear the merchandise everywhere they go.

Revolution Riche

If your love of getting blazed and thinking about the existence of aliens made a baby with your love of getting high and sending your friend’s Internet memes, it would look exactly like one of their sweat-shirt.


Everything this company paints will give you and all your home boys more chances to wear fantastic art. They started painting on Tees and ultimately recognized that there were tons of products that could make great canvases.

Stay Home Club

Stay Home ClubIt’s just what the names suggest. This company specializes in comfortable tees and sweatshirts. Their mantra is that they design for the disgruntled and have been working in the Montreal area for more than five years. They make the perfect outfits to look great while lounging on the couch.

Stella McCartney

We had to put at least one celebrity designer on our list. While many of us would rather spend our hard-earned cash on greenery than $12,000 shoes, Stella McCartney is the hippie of high fashion for her utilization of vegan materials and sustainable production methods.

Stoner Days

An online retailer of marijuana-themed shirts, apparels, and accessories.


From shiny black dominatrix-style pieces for the kinky stoner to cloud-printed yoga pants for your angelic side, the London-based SukiShufu creates classy active wear. Recent studies have shown that despite their propensity for the munchies, cannabis users are slimmer than most, which makes this innovative sportswear perfect for your next ganja yoga class!

Underground Games Company

Ever since TRAFFICKING was launched on November 19, 1983, Gary Lane and the Underground Games Company have been keen activists in supporting the pro-marijuana legalization movement. The Underground Games Company supports the legalization of marijuana for responsible recreational and medicinal use. Trafficking is a game spoofing social reality (like it used to be in the old days).may the winds of change continue to howl!

Wildflower Dyes

I know the cannabis industry is getting a legalized makeover and all, but let’s be real: Every stoner needs some tie-dye. Launched by a beautiful yogi in Victoria, Canada, Wildflower Dyes should be your go-to source for hand-dyed yoga pants, bedsheets, even knee-high socks.

Willow Knows

You’ll feel as magical as a pretty glass pipe in Willow Knows, a line of silk textiles for body and home. Each piece is individually hand-dyed, embracing any imperfections in the process.

Simply because you smoke marijuana does not mean you can’t be chic. Your visual representation is the first thing others notice about you. Although image isn’t everything, it is an important part of your self-expression. No matter what your style preference, you’ll undoubtedly find something to your liking among all the choices and options being offered from these retailers, designers, and experts. Whether we want to admit it, there is definitely an art to looking good. So while it might not be more important to “look good rather than feel good,” this list of retailers might actually be able to help you achieve both.