A Comprehensive Guide to Weed Terms and Slang

photo of a hand holding a blunt between two fingers, with dry flower and a lighter on the table beneath his hand

Getting the hang of weed terms and slang can be difficult at best, and might even feel downright impossible (especially with so many new products coming out at once!). Most stoners pick up words as they go, but that process is slow and pretty darn confusing. With this list, you can skip all the awkwardness of learning weed terms on the fly and instead hold your own with even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur. You can talk about terpenes, debate cannabis concentrates, and sound like a lifelong stoner while doing it.

Use this glossary of weed terms and slang if you're new and confused, or if you're an old pro looking to touch up on current trends. Lingo is always evolving, so it pays to keep up to date with the latest weed terms and slang.

Formal Weed Terminology image of a man taking a marijuana dab out of a rainbow-colored rig

Bubble Hash: A concentrate made by filtering cannabis with ice water and a device called a "bubble bag". Sounds like a pretty cool way to get high!

Budder: A smooth, buttery cannabis concentrate that is not tarry like some other forms of extraction.

Bud: The coveted flower of the cannabis plant that is trimmed, cured, and eventually inhaled as the smoke that gets everyone high.

Butane Hash Oil: Also known as BHO, this cannabis concentrate results from a potentially unsafe method of extraction. Explosions, injuries, and singed eyebrows are all viable possibilities, but the end-product may be worth it.

Cannabinoid: A type of chemical compound that is found in cannabis and cannabis products. Not all cannabinoids are psychoactive, meaning some can't actually get people high.

Cannabutter: A common weed term for cannabis-infused butterclose-up image of marijuana live resin

Canna-oil: Cannabis-infused oil of any kind, including (but not restricted to) coconut oil, olive oil, and plain canola oil.

Concentrates: After extracting the THC, CBD, and sometimes terpenes from marijuana plants, you’re left with a highly concentrated, potent product. The extraction often takes place through the use of ethanol, butane, CO2 fluids, or dry-sifting. Wax, sugar, and live resin are all examples of concentrates.

Dabbing: Inhaling cannabis extract as vapor through a special device called a dabbing rig, or a dab rig as some may call it. This method of cannabis consumption is infamous for its potent effects.

Edibles: Cannabis-infused food items that get you high. Can be anything from mints to sweet treats to homemade gourmet dishes.

Grinder: A piece of smoking equipment used to break down cannabis flower into smaller pieces that can be used to roll a joint or pack a bowl. You can also grind your flower by crumbling it with your fingers, but it’s easier and less sticky to use a grinderphoto of a weed grinder with weed in it ready to be ground

Hashish: The super-potent product of compressed trichomes, lauded across the cannabis community for its legendary high.

Hemp: Substance derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains high amounts of CBD and only small amounts of THC.

Hybrid: The product of cross-breeding an indica and a sativa cannabis plant (see indica and sativa below). The offspring of these plants usually display qualities of both parents. Hybrids can be indica-dominant strains or sativa-dominant strains.

Indica: The laid-back, more stoney type of cannabis that is known for its relaxing effects. Typically grows stoutly with wide, dark leaves.

Rosin: Cannabis concentrate made by applying heat and pressure to weed through a barrier (like wax paper). A hair straightener is just about perfect for this method of extraction.

Sativa: The uplifting, cerebral cannabis plant that allows you to get high whenever you want without risking couch-lock. Typically these plants grow tall and have thin leaves.

Terpenes: The chemical compound in cannabis (and other plants) that help give weed its wide array of scents. close-up of trichomes on a bud of marijuana

Trichome: From the Greek word for hair, referring to the fine hair-like offshoots commonly seen on mature cannabis flowers. The resin that forms on these is the most potent part of the plant.

Vaporizer: A trendy device that heats weed without combusting it, allowing cannabis consumers to enjoy being high without smoking the traditional way. Vaping is shown to be better for your lungs than smoking weed. image of a marijuana vaporizer, or vape, with a bud of weed next to it

Informal Weed Terminology (AKA Slang)

Baked: Common weed slang used to describe the feeling of being high after consuming cannabis. Usually implies that the high is strong.

Blaze: A somewhat subtle weed term that refers to the act of smoking without directly referencing it.

Blitzed: Weed slang that denotes a state of being incredibly high (maybe even too high) from cannabis consumption.

Blunt: Instead of a cigar wrapper stuffed with tobacco, this weed term refers to a cigar wrapper stuffed with cannabis.

Bong: A commonly used water pipe that requires consumers to pull smoke through a liquid filtration system. Popular among heavy smokers due to its ability to provide a more potent high than other smoking apparatuses. image of a bong on a rock right by the ocean with a sunset in the background to show what the weed term "bong" actually looks like

Bowl: The bowl-shaped area on smoking apparatuses where cannabis is deposited for the intended purpose of smoking.

Carb: Short for carburetor, refers to the hole found on many smoking devices that, when covered, allows for the direct passage of smoke through the apparatus.

Cherry: Common weed slang that simply means whatever you're smoking is still smoldering when you hand it off to another person. This demonstration of stoner-etiquette informs the next person that they won't have to use a lighter.

Cone: A marijuana cigarette that, instead of being rolled straight, is rolled into a conical shape that allows for more weed to be packed in the front. Can be found in most dispensariesphoto of three marijuana cone joints with bud next to them

Dank: Colloquial stoner lingo that is used in place of words like awesome, cool, good, and great. Can also refer to especially strong weed, which makes sense in conjunction with all the other meanings of the word.

Faded: Refers to the combined effects of alcohol and cannabis.

Fatty: A marijuana cigarette that has been purposefully overstuffed so that it holds more weed.

Hit: A single inhale of cannabis smoke or vapor, typically from a vape, bong, pipe, or other glassware.

Hotboxing: Purposefully smoking cannabis in an enclosed area with the intention of filling the room with smoke as to achieve a more powerful high.

Joint: When cannabis is rolled into papers and smoked in the style of a cigarette.

Kief: Slang for powdered trichomes (see above).

Light Up: Another term used to describe the act of smoking cannabis, referring particularly to the moment when the weed is set aflame. photo showing hands holding a joint in one hand and a lighter in the other, getting ready to light up a joint, demonstrating what the weed term "light up" refers to

Moonrocks: Small balls of cannabis concentrate that have been rolled in kief for a surprisingly potent result.

One-Hitter: A specific smoking apparatus through which only a small amount of a cannabis strain is smoked at once.

Pack a bowl: To fill the receptacle area of a cannabis smoking device with ground weed.

Piece: Refers to any smoking apparatus from which a person smokes weed.

Pothead: Another weed slang term for a person who enjoys consuming cannabis, but with a slightly negative connotation.

Puff: To smoke cannabis, specifically referring to the individual inhales and subsequent exhale of smoke.

Scooby Snacks: Weed slang for the disgusting bits of ground cannabis, ash, and res that are sometimes inhaled by accident while smoking weed from a pipe. This happens most often to people who are new to smoking.

Shake: The combination of residual leaves, twigs, and the occasional sparse flower after all the large, desirable harvest has been removed.

Shatter: Slang for BHO (see above). photo of marijuana shatter concentrate

Spliff: A cigarette that contains both cannabis and tobacco, the combination of which provides a combination experience of both drugs.

Spoon: A common type of pipe that has a narrow stem and a wide, circular ending that resembles the shape of a spoon.

Stoner: Refers to a person who regularly consumes cannabis, particularly to those who partake in both the drug and the culture surrounding it.

Toke: Another weed term that refers to smoking weed. Toke is common, but not the most popular slang for this particular activity.

Wake & Bake: When a person wakes up and immediately consumes cannabis, usually by smoking. This can occur after a full night's rest or at the end of a nap.

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