What to Do After Consuming Too Many Cannabis Edibles

Pile of too many Edibles

Although cannabis is an extremely unique plant that contains numerous medicinal properties and benefits, there are certain instances where you do just truly get too high. When this happens, you can feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and even paranoid or anxious depending on the situation. As compared to other consumption methods, cannabis edibles high in THC are the most common products that can be accidentally over-consumed. After ingesting cannabis edibles, the effects may not hit until an hour or several hours later. As a result, it's common for individuals to consume more pieces of the cannabis edible and/or a higher dosage in an effort to feel the effects at a faster rate. However, this isn't the best way to consume cannabis edibles, nor is this the safest. Let’s take a look at what to do after accidentally consuming too many cannabis edibles and/or too high of a dosage. 

The Right Ways to Consume Cannabis Edibles 

When consuming cannabis edibles, it's best to know your limits before consumption. Proper preparation before cannabis sessions is helpful, and finding out your tolerance level is essential. This can help you avoid unwanted situations down the road, especially when consuming cannabis edibles. Also, it's recommended to take it slow no matter which cannabis consumption method you choose. Generally, consuming cannabis edibles around friends and people you know is key, especially when trying to prevent paranoia and anxiety setting in if/when you get too high. 

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In addition, it's suggested to start at a low dosage, especially if you're new to cannabis or if you’ve never consumed cannabis at all before. The recommended standard amount to start off with is five milligrams if you're a true beginner and ten milligrams if you've consumed cannabis before but you're unsure of your tolerance level. Also, it's suggested to space out the amount of time between taking additional cannabis ediblesFor example, start off with a low dosage and see how your body reacts. Then, wait an hour or two until you take another edible, but make sure you measure it out beforehand.    

What to Do After Consuming Too Many Cannabis Edibles 

If you consumed too many cannabis edibles in one sitting or if you took too high of a dosage, there are certain steps you can take to lessen the high you may be feeling.  

1. Don't panic: Regardless of the amount of THC you consumed, your organs won't shut down, and you won't stop breathing as a result. In all of history, nobody has ever died from a cannabis overdose. Once the body's endocannabinoid receptors have maxed out, the body transitions into sleep, as mentioned by Honest Marijuana. One of the best things to do in this situation is to be calm, stay calm, and breathe deeply because everything will be okay.  

2. Drink something: It's recommended to always stay hydrated, especially when consuming cannabis. Try to drink several glasses of water to help counteract the high, which could lessen the negative effects you may be feeling. Also, you should stay away from alcohol if you're too high because alcohol can increase THC blood concentrations within your body. 

3. Consume light snacks: You can slow down the process of feeling too high by eating the right foods alongside your desired edible. Having a full stomach helps slow down the rate at which THC is absorbed into the body's system. By eating foods that are high in fiber and fats, the rate of digestion slows down. As a result, the fats can trap the THC, and the fiber slows down digestion. This often leads to a lengthier time for the cannabis edibles to take full effect; it won't hit you as fast and as hard. Types of light snack foods to consume include healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, and variations of fruit. 

4. Chew peppercorns: It has been found that chewing peppercorns for several minutes can effectively counteract the effects of too much THC through cannabis edibles. This is due to the similar terpenoid profiles and how the two plants interact with one another. 

5. Keep calm and rest: It's helpful to find a quiet and comfortable place where you can breathe deeply, rest, and take it easy. The intense discomfort from the THC high will pass in due time. Meditating or taking a nap are both effective ways to relax your body and mind without panicking. 

6. Go for a walk: If you cannot turn your brain off, a change in scenery and breathing fresh air could be helpful. Walking will also get your blood pumping, which may invigorate you. However, be sure to walk with a friend or relative, and stay close to immediate surroundings. If you feel light-headed though, it's recommended that you stay at home and refrain from walking until you feel better. 

7. Take a shower or bath: Although it's not always feasible to take a shower or bath depending on where you are, if you have the option to do so, this would be a wonderful way to relax until the cannabis edible high wears off. 

8. Distract yourself: If the high isn't horribly strong and if you can bear it, try to do something that'll get your mind off it for the time being. This could include doing activities you enjoy like yoga, meditation, listening to music, snuggling/cuddling, eating some tasty food, talking with friends or your significant other, or other activities that soothe you. 

9. Consume CBD: If all else fails or if you don't want to keep feeling how you're feeling, consume CBD, which will ward off the anxiety and paranoia you may be feeling. CBD is known to be an effective compound to counteract the effects of THC. Therefore, this would provide you with the immediate relief you might be looking for. 

When worst come to worst, if you feel alarmingly uncomfortable, you can contact a medical professional, and tell them you're experiencing a cannabis-induced anxiety attack.  

However, the options above should deliver the relief you're looking for without having to panic and involve medical professionals and possibly law enforcement officials if you consumed cannabis edibles in an area where they're illegal. If you consume too many cannabis edibles, or if you notice a friend consuming too high of a THC dosage in the future, keep these steps in mind because they could make a huge difference. 

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