A Beginner’s Guide to Marijuana

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When you first start smoking pot, you should know a few things. This beginner’s guide to marijuana covers some basic dos and don’ts, and helpful advice and suggestions to help newbies get involved in the culture.

Vocabulary Terms to Know

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Know these terms and understand their meaning. It’ll help you keep up with the culture and fit in with those around you.

Blunt: weed rolled in blunt wraps; a bit larger than a medium-sized cigar

Blunt Wraps: like normal papers, but brown and a bit larger

Bud / Swag / Dank / Chronic / Reefer / Weed: a few street names for marijuana

Cashed / Caved: when you finish the weed and only ash remains

Chamber: the space that fills with smoke on a hit

Cherried: when the weed burns bright red, which means it doesn’t need to be lit

Clear: to clear the piece chamber by inhaling all the smoke

Dense: a word to describe stick, moist and squishy weed texture

Hit / Rip: to take a drag of weed

Joint: weed rolled in papers; smaller than a blunt and looks like a cigarette

Kief: sparkly crystals on the bud

Munchies: the feeling of extreme hunger; or the food you eat while high

Papers: short for rolling joints or blunts

Piece: the equipment you’ll use to smoke weed out of (e.g. pipe, bong or hookah)

Pitching: when you contribute money for weed or munchies

Rough Hit: when a hit irritates your throat

Sack: a bag of weed

Scooby Snacks: when little chunks of ash accumulate in your mouth

Basic Smoking Tips

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Smoking weed has become its own culture, and you’ll need to learn the ropes. But you can avoid some common beginner mistakes by following these tips:

  • Don’t smoke just because you think it’ll make you cool. Smoke because you like it.
  • Keep several pieces handy. There’s nothing worse than getting bud and having no way to smoke it.
  • Don’t fall for the rookie mistake of believing “the last hit is the best.” It’s not, and you will get scooby snacks.
  • Whoever owns the weed gets to smoke it as they please.
  • Don’t mooch. Contribute to the pitch.
  • Keep track of your lighter and take care of it.
  • Always buy a 4-pack of lighters, because you will lose them.
  • Don’t hog the weed. Keep to the standard rule: puff, puff, pass.
  • Find a regular dealer and treat him well.
  • Only exchange money when the dealer has the product in hand.
  • Don’t hesitate to feel, smell or see the weed before you buy it.
  • Bring a scale to deals and weigh the weed.

Types of Marijuana

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Did you know there are different qualities of marijuana? That’s right. Get the best bang for your buck by knowing what quality you’re purchasing.

Chronic is the best quality. You’ll see lots of kief covering it and it’ll be very dense and smell (in a good way).

Kill is one step down from chronic. It won’t carry as much of a scent and will feel pretty sticky. Overall, it’s not as good, but still quite potent.

Swag is the lowest quality. It doesn’t get properly harvested, packaged or distributed. Because the smell closely resembles oregano, you need to really trust the buyer. At the end of the day, this type of weed is harsh and will leave you with a headache. But hey, weed is weed and it’ll get the job done.

Now You’re Ready

Once you understand these basic principles, you’re ready to start smoking. Congrats! Keep on keepin’ on, my friend.