What is a Zip of Weed?

In the cannabis world, there are many terms and lingos that consumers need to be aware of when purchasing or using the herb. Terms can range from describing the amount of marijuana to describing how it makes you feel. With all these different terms, there are a select few that you should understand. One of those is a zip of weed. 

What is a Zip of Weed?

In short, a zip is an ounce of marijuana. The term’s lineage is pretty simple: the abbreviation of “ounce” is “oz.” Take that “z” and turn it into “Zip,” and there you have it. Now grab me a zip of Amnesia Haze at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop and let’s get together for a meandering conversation about the meaning of life.

There are 28 grams in an ounce, (technically 28.3 grams), which should keep you busy for a while. How much weed do you need? If it takes you a week to get through an eighth, then a fresh zip will last for eight weeks.

How Much Money is a Zip of Weed?

what is a Zip Of Weed The price for a zip varies widely depending on the weed strain as well as the quality and freshness of the cannabis. A zip of weed can cost more in a state where weed isn’t legal.

In legalized states, a zip will often be more expensive in a popular, downtown cannabis dispensary than a dispensary located in more desolate areas of town. This is due to the price of rent for the dispensary owner, among other factors. A zip of some top-shelf, two-month-old buds will carry a heftier price tag than, say, some mid-range herb that was grown six months ago. Got it?

A zip of weed can range from $50 dollars on up. You can find prices on Leafbuyer’s Deal SIMPLE SEARCH 

The cheaper zips might be leftovers from last year’s outdoor harvest, and it’s still better than the schwag you smoked when you were younger.

Some growers will package zips of shake and send them off to the dispensaries. This is a great option if you’re looking to cook up some cannabutter and make some delicious edibles. Our blog always has some exciting weed recipes, including everything from chocolate chip cookies to cannabis-infused Buffalo wings and just about anything you can think of in between.

A zip of flower will generate an ample supply of powerful edibles. At least 2,000 milligrams of THC can be extracted from an average ounce of bud.

How Long Will it Take to Smoke a Zip?

If you’re purchasing a zip of weed, you’re probably not just a casual smoker that takes a few tokes on the weekend. For occasional tokers, buying an eighth or a quarter ounce might be a better option. Even if you smoke a bowl every day, an ounce could last three, four, or even six months.

Purchasing in smaller quantities is more expensive, but if you’re smoking once in a while, then you might as well make sure you have the freshest of the fresh for your toke session.

How Many Bowls of Herb Can You Get From a Zip?

Well, it depends on many different factors: the capacity of your bowl, the number of stems and sticks in your cannabis, and how much you like to pack for a smoking session.

Bowl of MarijuanaA zip is 28 grams and, on average, you can pack between 3 to 4 bowls per gram. Do a little bit of grade-school multiplication, and you’ve got around 80 bowl packs per zip of weed – and that’s on the low end. If you just like to pack only a couple of hits at a time, it’s reasonable to expect up to a couple hundred toke sessions out of a single ounce.

If you’re hoping to make hash or other marijuana concentrates from a zip of weed, it’s feasible to yield 5 or 6 grams of oil per ounce of weed. If it’s a $200 zip and you get 5 grams of concentrate, that’s $40 per gram. The Karing Kind dispensary in Boulder, Colorado is selling grams of concentrate for around $30, so do the math and decide what works for you.

A zip of weed is great for those who love to roll joints. Busting out some more grade-school math, you could roll more than 25 full-gram or 50 half-gram doobies from a zip depending on a number of sticks and stems in the bag. It might be best to try a taste of a new flavor of herb before you dive in and purchase a full ounce. Some smokers grab a gram of a few different new strains and try a bowl of each to decide which one they want to buy in bulk.

Can I Possess a Zip of Weed?

A zip is the gold standard of measurement for cannabis. Most states that have legalized recreational marijuana allow citizens over 21 to possess one full ounce or less without penalty. California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, and Nevada fall into this category.

The state of Maine, which voted to legalize recreational cannabis on Election Day 2016, allows for up to 2.5 zips without repercussion.

(Check out this helpful guide to find out the laws in Maine, and make sure you are aware of what’s legal!)

Well, now you know the lingo. A zip is an ounce of weed or 28.3 grams of pure, fresh marijuana goodness. If you’re in a legal state, ask your favorite budtenders for a zip. They’ll know what it means.

Updated by Roma Almich