How Can I Relieve Cramps and PMS with CBD and Cannabis?

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Being a woman can be tough, especially during that particular time of the month. Everyone experiences the side effects of menstruation differently, but most people can agree the experience is generally unpleasant. From uncontrollable emotions to physical pain, there's no room for fun when both your body and your feelings hurt. So, that leaves the obvious question: What can you do to relieve cramps and PMS? Well, lucky for all you cannabis and CBD-consuming ladies out there looking to beat the worst of your period, you're

CBD brand Maxine+ Morgan Flow Lite formula

already on the right track! Cannabis and CBD are scientifically proven to have beneficial effects on mood, physical ailments, and even feminine hygiene. In other words, the best way to regulate wonky hormones and reduce cramp pain is to get your hands on some cannabis or CBD products. I've recently come across an amazing brand that focuses on only this, Maxine+ Morgan.

While CBD certainly can't cure everything, it does have the capability of helping a ton of everyday ailments, cramps and PMS included! All-natural herbal supplements combined with CBD can make a world of difference ? just make sure you're purchasing products from trusted brands.

Choose the Right Strain

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Perhaps the most popular option in the female cannabis community for treating cramps and PMS is simply smoking, vaping, or otherwise consuming cannabis flower. This method is common since many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy combining their normal cannabis intake with the added medical benefits. The most important thing to consider when treating side-effects of menstruation with weed in this manner is what strain you're consuming. Some strains are better than others when it comes to things like pain relief, mood enhancement, and even emotional regulation. A high-energy sativa strain, for example, could cause symptoms of anxiety — not a good feeling combined with your standard PMS. Ideally, you might look for a strain with calming effects and a higher than average CBD content, though personal preference is the ultimate decider of your perfect time-of-the-month strain.

Get Active

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A great way to relieve cramps and PMS with weed is by incorporating your cannabis and CBD consumption with an active lifestyle. It's common knowledge that getting up and moving your body is an effective way to combat side-effects of menstruation. But it's hard to find the motivation to go on a hike or swimming or even a walk to the end of your driveway when you're having a particularly bad period. Incorporating CBD and cannabis consumption into these activities may not only make them more fun but also let you treat symptoms of pain while simultaneously getting outside and distracting yourself. Cannabis is a fantastic way to relieve cramps and PMS, but distraction and being engaged in the world is perhaps the ultimate way to get through your period as painlessly as possible. And if getting outside seems like too much, you can always look for fun indoor activities to do while high to keep you distracted and active!

Find the Best Products

Maxine + Morgan helps relieve cramps and PMS

For a more sophisticated approach to relieving cramps and PMS with cannabis, consider using OB/GYN-approved products made specifically for that purpose. With companies like Maxine + Morgan, you remove all the guesswork when it comes to treating the side-effects of menstruation. Maxine + Morgan provides high-quality CBD products to target your individual menstrual needs, with items such as natural capsules and a broad-spectrum CBD oil.

CBD Maxine+ Morgan relieves PMS

All of Maxine + Morgan's products are made with CBD and other natural ingredients, like turmeric and ginger, meaning that they will not get you high since they lack the psychoactive component of cannabis, THC. You can choose between Maxine + Morgan's two spot-on menstrual products: Flow Lite and Flow Formula. Depending on how painful your periods are and how much CBD you prefer to take, both of these Maxine + Morgan products can cater to your menstrual needs. Maxine + Morgan also provides a host of other CBD products to help keep you feeling like your best self. Relieve cramps and PMS in the easiest way possible and try a product made specifically for just that!