Joint Vs. Blunt: What’s the Difference?

joint vs blunt

Joints Vs. BluntsRolling is an art form, no matter what anyone else tries to tell you. As beautiful as joints and blunts are on their own, they’re also incredibly convenient and easy to stash. For this reason, joints and blunts are still the most popular way to consume cannabis, even with all the fancy new ways to get high.

However, there are still a lot of folks who don’t entirely know the difference between the two. Some say the difference is just in the rolling method, or that the terms stem from the amount of flower you purchased, but these ideas couldn’t be any further from the facts.

Here’s how you can tell the difference when it comes to joints vs. blunts:

Joint Anatomy

The joints vs. blunts problem is all too real. Look at your paper. Is it white or translucent? Joints are typically rolled in rolling papers. You can pick up regular papers at pretty much any convenience store, but there are also plenty of flavored rolling papers out there. For $12 a pop, you can also buy golden rolling papers, although there are a few potential health risks involved. Golden joints are not tested for long term effects as of right now, and nobody is 100% sure whether they’re totally safe. However, one time isn’t going to kill you, and most things are okay in moderation.

Joints are also known for typically having a paper filter, also known as a crutch, at the mouth piece. This is usually in place to balance your joint. It’s also used to make your joint smoother and to keep you from burning your lips and fingers as you enjoy.

Joints are also typically smaller in size than blunts, but this isn’t true all the time.

Blunt Anatomy

Much like joints, blunts are always filled with cannabis and cannabis only. The key difference is that blunts are rolled in tobacco. Whether they’re rolled in a tobacco leaf, or just tobacco paper (which is brown in color), they add a unique flavor to the herb you’re smoking. Essentially, a blunt is just a cigar where you replace the tobacco with marijuana. As far as joint vs. blunts goes, keep in mind that there is a unique buzz involved with smoking marijuana and tobacco at the same time, so keep in mind that blunts aren’t always for everyone, while joints typically are.

Some people smoke joints exclusively due mostly to the fact that blunts are a little bit more difficult to roll. Joints are a 3-step process – fill, roll, and toke. Blunts however, are different. You must grind your weed up, split the cigarillo down the middle and clean out the tobacco. From there, you’ve got to lick it to seal it properly, and then you can fill it with weed. When that’s finally said, and done, you’ve got to roll it up, and heat it to seal it before you can enjoy it.

Joint Vs Blunt:


  • Both filled with cannabis and cannabis products
  • Both papers and blunt wraps come in several different flavors
  • Both are incredibly popular
  • Both can be smoked alone or shared


  • Joints are rolled with paper that is white or translucent in color
  • Joints usually include a crutch
  • Blunts are rolled with tobacco paper or cigarillos
  • Blunts can be more time consuming to roll
  • Blunts can give you a pretty neat buzz because they combine tobacco with marijuana.

So, that’s it! Easy, right? Those are the major key differences when it comes to joints vs. blunts. Keep this article from Leafbuyer handy, it may be useful for you again in the future!

By Nicole Flanigan