7/10 NC Residents Support Medical Marijuana

Photo By: gustavo frazao/ shutterstock

Despite what their insane state legislature might want you to think, 7/10 residents of North Carolina have spoken in support of medical marijuana in recent polls.

The last three years polls have shown a significant increase in support for medical marijuana in North Carolina. Per North Carolina NORML:

“According to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted in January of 2015, 69% of the state is now in favor of legalizing medicinal cannabis for card carrying patients. This polling data shows a 6% increase each year since 2013.

The 2015 poll also showed 21% of the state is opposed and 10% undecided. Opposition to medical marijuana dropped 7% and the number of those who are undecided rose 3% since 2014 (63/30/7%). This trend suggests that, given time, people tend to realize the benefits of legal medical cannabis far outweigh the risks. These numbers improved significantly since 2013 (58/33/9%).

Those randomly selected for the survey were asked, “Do you think doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana, or not?”

We all know that marijuana is medicine. Science has become very clear in telling us that cannabis has many uses for treating and healing certain medical conditions. It’s nice to see that despite the massive misinformation campaigns propagated by prohibitionists, even southern states with extremely conservative governments are leaning in favor of medical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana reform is long overdue in North Carolina, and any other state that has not yet enacted legislation granting patient rights. Hopefully these polls are an indication that things are heading in the right direction.