How to Land a Job at a Dispensary

Jars of cannabis at a dispensary

With the rising popularity of the marijuana market, people have a lot of questions. Among them, professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit want to know how to land a job at a dispensary.

It’s a basic question. But you won’t find many clear cut guides for it just yet.

So, we’ve set out to create it for you.

Based on more than a dozen interviews with marijuana activists and entrepreneurs, a job at a dispensary happens in one of three ways. Today, we’ll discuss those three avenues for professionals that want to get a job in the marijuana market.

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Cultivate an In-Demand Skill

If you want to take the easiest path possible, you need to offer an in-demand skill. Marijuana requires some unique abilities most don’t have.

The most in-demand skill: knowing how to grow marijuana.

Even if you’ve never grown it before, the right qualifications can still land you a job. Businesses look for: graduates from top agricultural schools, people that have a background in indoor farming and those that have extensive nursery experience.

But what if you can’t grow? Well, you can parlay your talents in other areas. With this approach, you need an ancillary skill.

Running a marijuana business requires a lot of support. Businesses need people with the following skills to support their operating responsibilities:

  • Programmers
  • Attorneys
  • Security System Installation Specialists
  • Designers
  • Chemists
  • Biologists
  • Lab Technicians

And this isn’t a comprehensive list. Think one of your skills could support your local dispensary? Go talk to them about it and pitch your idea.

Volunteer for Advocacy Groups

Employers want to trust their employees. Given the marijuana culture, sometimes that can seem like a difficult task. You need an even greater trust for employees to ensure they won’t do things like steal from you.

Because of this, many turn to advocacy groups to look for workers. Volunteering at an advocacy group helps business owners identify successful, capable people who feel passionate about marijuana for the right reasons.

According to employers hiring in Colorado, if you really want in on the ground floor of the marijuana business, you need to prove it. Start investing your time and energy into the cause.

Really, it just goes to show that every career gets built on the same principle: it’s all about who you know.

Use Money and Invest

If you want to get into the marijuana business just for the hype, you can always invest. An article that analyzed the economics of marijuana, here’s how you can buy in:

“If there’s somebody just looking to get in here in Colorado, you need to buy a new system, that’s just plain and simple. And, you know, those are from, let’s say $50,000 for a slice, to $2 to $10 million to buy out an entire company, just because it’s the company that goes along with that license.”

So, if you have money to invest, your lifelong dream of owning a marijuana business is just within reach.

Are You Ready to Begin Your Career?

A job with a local dispensary awaits! Which path will you take to get the job of your dreams?