Remember that early joke we all heard about Marlboro getting in on the weed game? Well, like the headline of an O.K! Magazine, this joke may hold some truth! On February 23, Marijuana Business Daily reported that Philip Morris is on the verge of investing. . .

$20 million into Syqe Medical, an Israeli startup that created a marijuana inhaler. And in an article posted on Feb. 20, Bloomberg View author Leonid Bershidsky examined the history of cannabis and tobacco’s relationship and then stated his belief that big tobacco was poised to cash in on the emerging market.

With over 19 million Americans (12 years and older) admitting to using the devils lettuce, it only seems natural that a corporation like Philip Morris would want to get in on the action. But it’s the politics that will keep this relationship hush-hush for quite some time. Marijuana is, after all, illegal across most states and Europe.

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