Everything You Need to Know About Hemp Wraps

holding grinder rolling a blunt with hemp wraps

Many cannabis consumers prefer the traditional experience of grinding marijuana flower and rolling it into a joint, spliff, or blunt to other delivery methods. Sure, customers can buy pre-rolled joints and blunts, but many value the rewarding feeling of wrapping their own cannabis-filled blunt. While rolling papers are thin, rolling wraps, also known as blunt wraps, are larger, thicker, and may contain tobacco and nicotine.

As an alternative to the common tobacco-laced blunt wrap, users have been turning to hemp-based wraps, or paper sheets made out of hemp used to roll all types of herbs. Hemp wraps are a far cry from 18th-century European cigarette and cigar rolling papers, but are they a better alternative to blunt wraps? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about hemp wraps.

What Are Hemp Wraps?

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Hemp wraps gained favor in 2017 when they became increasingly accessible via online shops. Hemp wraps can come as a flat sheet of paper made out of hemp. You can wrap your ground-up marijuana flower buds inside, just like you would with a blunt wrap. Similarly, hemp wraps can come in pre-rolled cone shapes that are ready to be filled with cannabis flower, kief, extracts, or any other herb you prefer.

Blunt wraps are the most popular wrap material, but these wraps commonly contain nicotine. Some users may empty out tobacco-filled wraps from brands such as Swishers and Dutch Masters to add their own herbal blend. If you're not a fan of rice or flax rolling papers used to roll a joint, you may enjoy hemp wraps for a thicker smoke and overall different experience.

Hemp vs Blunt Wraps

Hemp wraps are essentially blunt wraps without the tobacco or nicotine. If you're looking for a nicotine kick, hemp wraps won't do it for you. Both types of blunt wraps can come in a variety of sizes, prices, and flavors. Blunt and hemp wraps often feature similar sweet flavors to enhance your smoking experience. In terms of handling, both types of wraps can be used similarly when rolling and smoking marijuana.

Benefits of Using Hemp Wraps

Hemp wraps are touted as being healthier than blunt wraps, which is true to an extent. Hemp wrap brands typically take on an organic approach. That means they'll use 100 percent organic hemp without the need for questionable fertilizers, pesticides, and growth stimulants. Additionally, most hemp wraps likely won't contain toxic adhesives found in blunt wraps that help keep the wrap closed and your buds secure. These harmful chemicals can contribute to the taste, burn rate, and negative health effects.

Depending on your experience with blunt wraps, hemp wraps can offer a similar experience. Some users claim that hemp wraps offer a smoother and slower burn, but this depends on many variables and your experience with rolling blunt wraps. Overall, hemp wraps are intended for users that are looking for a long-lasting burn compared to joints and other smoking methods.

Are Hemp Wraps Safe?

hemp wrap blunt and flower

Any type of smoking or inhalation of anything other than oxygen can produce negative health effects, especially for chronic smokers. Comparatively, hemp wraps are seen as a healthier alternative to blunt wraps which contain tobacco or nicotine. Users may turn to hemp wraps if they're worried about the health risks of smoking tobacco blunt wraps.

Unfortunately, hemp wraps aren't much safer than tobacco blunt wraps. That's not to say that one use of hemp wraps can cause permanent damage, but smoking anything can worsen respiratory issues and introduce carcinogens into your body. For this reason, California and Massachusetts have banned the sale of flavored blunt wraps and flavored tobacco products. Expect to see this trend continue across more states.

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Do Hemp Wraps Produce a High?

While hemp does contain trace amounts of the psychotropic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound, smoking hemp wraps alone won't produce a high. You will get high if you use marijuana flower buds or extracts that contain THC in higher amounts. Because you don't get high from a hemp wrap, you likely won't have trouble passing a drug test if you use hemp wraps without marijuana. Using them with marijuana, however, introduces THC into your system that can be detected through various drug screening methods.

Some hemp wrap producers are directly advertising the presence of cannabidiol (CBD) in hemp wraps. Hemp naturally produces CBD compounds, which can be extracted to create concentrated forms of CBD for therapeutic purposes. Hemp wraps, however, contain about 0.2 mg/g, an insignificant amount that won't cause any noticeable effects.

Where to Buy Hemp Wraps

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Hemp wraps are a rather new introduction into cannabis consumer's arsenal of marijuana smoking accessories and tools. Fortunately for blunt smokers, hemp wraps have become widely available in online head shops. You won't find these niche wraps in your local convenience store or brick-and-mortar smoke shop.

Hemp Wrap Brands

If you're trying to ditch the tobacco blunt, consider the many hemp wrap brands available today. Some of the most popular hemp wrap brands include High Hemp, Twisted, Juicy, Skunk, Kong, Kingpin, and Hemp Zone. Some hemp wraps won't come with filters or crutches, but brands such as High Hemp include a filter tip for your convenience. Skunk brand's hemp wraps come with a reusable black glass tip featuring two pinches in the glass to keep weed and ash out of your mouth.

Hemp wraps come in many different flavors, including natural, fruity, and tropical flavors. Grab an individual hemp wrap, multiple-pack, or variety pack so you can try all the different flavors of each brand. Hemp wraps are sold as 1 inch papers or king-size papers so you can enjoy more marijuana in a single wrap.

How to Roll Hemp Wraps

marijuana flower stack

Rolling hemp wraps has a very similar process to rolling blunts. Hemp wraps' hemp material and lack of adhesive makes them trickier to wrap than blunt wraps. Some users claim that it's difficult to roll and keep hemp wraps closed without the proper adhesive. Nevertheless, there are many ways to properly roll a hemp wrap for efficient smoking. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to roll hemp wraps:

  1. Collect your materials: cannabis, hemp wrap, lighter, grinder.
  2. Remove the hemp wrap and filter tip from the packaging. Unwrap the hemp wrap and separate all materials.
  3. Hold the hemp wrap open and fold it longways to create a crease.
  4. Keep the wrap opened and place the filter tip in the crease and flush with the end of the wrap.
  5. Keep the filter tip in place and add your ground-up flower into the wrap's crease.
  6. Spread the herb evenly all while keeping the filter in place.
  7. Roll the wrap until you've rolled the wrap all the way around itself and the filter tip.
  8. Apply a light amount of saliva at the edge of the hemp wrap and seal it with your fingers. Some users use cannabis extract, honey, or a sugar-based paste to keep hemp wraps closed. If the blunt gets too wet, you can dry it by applying heat with your lighter without burning it.
  9. Light up and enjoy.

Hemp wraps aren't for everyone, but they can be a flavorful alternative to traditional blunt wraps. If you're looking for more alternatives to blunt and hemp wraps, consider smoke wraps made out of vegetables, banana leaves, and corn husks. You can even switch to vaping or other non-smoking methods if you still want the effects of marijuana without the harsh smoke. Regardless of your choice, you can fill your preferred rolling paper with high-quality flower found at your local dispensary.

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