Why You Should Smoke Some Hemp Cigars

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Hemp is another form of cannabis, one genetically lacking the high THC content – due to laws and people – found in the plant many of us humans like smoke. Current estimates from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime would put cannabis users at 183 million worldwide, though this estimate, it would seem, does not fully account for the rise of CBD hemp oil. Hemp has commercial, agricultural, industrial, and medicinal value. It can be used as a food supplement, a health and beauty product, as paper, clothing, and a variety of other uses. Hemp cigars, also known as hemp blunts, seek to diversify the concept of a cigar for the legal cannabis era.

Long Lasting, Premium Taste, and No Tobacco?

Public support for medical and recreational marijuana have combined with growing interest in the agricultural sustainability of hemp farming, creating a potential revenue storm worth billions in their respective industries. Hemp cigars are, simply put, an easy way to remove tobacco from the equation of cannabis use while still enjoying the deeper depth of cannabis flavor and longer burning experience sought by cigar connoisseurs and blunt lovers alike.

By definition, a cigar is “a cylinder of tobacco rolled in tobacco leaves for smoking.” As the current definition would suggest, cigars are exclusively made of tobacco. However, by putting marijuana into a cigar wrap, the common cannabis consumer would agree you’d have a traditional blunt. The tobacco, a separate plant-based substance in itself, has a number of effects on the body. Some may be seen as complementary of the experience of smoking weed, while others not so much. A rush of adrenaline, for instance, espousing focus and accelerating the agility of the mind and body comfortably. At the same time, tobacco is a known contributor to various forms of cancer, heart disease, and lung diseases. Tobacco has even been shown to activate and alter neuronal pathways in the body, changing how they respond to endogenous (made internally) opioids in both the short and long-term.

All Natural Hemp Wrap Take Me Home!

Hemp cigars boast specific advantages over your traditional blunt extending beyond the realm of long-burning taste performance, and instead, delves into the emerging science regarding the potential effect on the lungs of smoking cannabis in both short and long term.

marijuana-leaves-for-blunt-leafbuyerA 2014 study of data from multiple research and observational studies reflect a discord between tobacco smoke and cannabis smoke. The study reviewed the effect of cannabis on bronchitis, airflow obstruction, emphysema and bullous disease before making an overall opinion on the long-term effect of cannabis on lung function. The results were mixed and revealed that while there are short term changes due to inflammation of the bronchial lining, long-term cannabis smoking in daily users (defined by average use of one joint or a bowl per day per year) has yet to be shown to cause a negative effect on lung function when compared with non-smokers.

Not only do hemp cigars deliver more flavor, but they are also potentially – not to be taken as fact – less harmful on lung function over time as a traditional cigar wrap. Hemp cigar wraps, like tobacco wraps, can be found in a variety fruity flavors. Juicy Jay’s, for instance, makes six (6) different flavors.

One of the most eye-catching possibilities of hemp cigars is the ability of the wrap to contain CBD naturally. That’s right! High Hemp Organic Wraps have developed warps for hemp cigars that have CBD within their finely pressed hemp leaves. CBD does not produce a high like THC, yet it may help to mellow the high once you are there.