The Difference Between When You Vape Concentrates Vs. Using a Flower Vape

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In the world of weed, it seems like almost every day brings a new and exciting way to consume cannabis. You can smoke it, vape it, eat it, drink it, and the list just goes on and on! And once you decide how you want to get high there's still the matter of deciding with what! There are so many choices when it comes to weed, the hardest part of all is deciding which way is best for you. That's why it's important to know the ins and outs of different cannabis consumption methods. And since vaping is becoming an ever-growing trend in the cannabis community, it can sometimes feel hard to stay up-to-date on the biggest and best vape info. Specifically, what's the difference between when you vape concentrates and when you use a flower vape? Do you get a different high from vaping one form of cannabis over another? And how do you go about deciding which way is best for you?

Don't worry about getting the answers to any of these questions because Leafbuyer is here with this guide to the difference between when you vape concentrates and when you use a flower vape. Everything there is to know about vaping, vape concentrates, and vaping flower is here for the taking. So, kick back, grab your favorite strain, and get ready to change your vaping game!

What is Vaping?

Most of you reading this probably know what vaping is, or at least have a general idea of what happens when you vape weed. For those who don't know the process behind vaping or for anyone just looking to brush up their vape knowledge, we're here to go over the basics. Unlike when you smoke weed with a bong, pipe, bubbler, or any other device, vaping doesn't use fire and smoke. Instead, a vape will (as the name suggests) electronically vaporize its contents to produce what many argue is a healthier cannabis byproduct to consume. Whether you want to get high off THC or enjoy the medicinal benefits of CBD, using a vaporizer is certainly an option worth considering.

There are a ton of fantastic vaporizers on the market, all with select features that make them stand out. Some vaporizers look snazzy and sleek while others are huge and bulky with a potent kick. Whether you want to hide your vape with something compact and easy to transport or knock your socks off with a Volcano vape, it's all up to your personal preferences and (of course) your price range. But other than size and style, what are some other important vape factors to keep in mind when deciding what kind of vape you want? Well, many cannabis connoisseurs would agree that when you vape concentrates vs. when you use a flower vape is perhaps the biggest distinction when it comes to vaporized cannabis. So, what's the difference between vaping concentrates and vaping flower? Let's find out!

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Vaping Concentrates

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Concentrates are huge in the cannabis market right now. From full-spectrum extracts to cartridges of every strain, terpene profile, and strength, you can find and vape it all! The only real way to find the best concentrate for you is to talk to your budtender at your local dispensary and try out a few options to see which you personally like the best. The benefits of vaping concentrates instead of flower are, as consumers report, increased potency and more pure terpene flavors. This isn't always true depending on the quality of the product and the vape in question, but generally speaking the concentrates are more condensed when it comes to cannabinoids. Consumers of vape concentrates also enjoy a potent high with less lung strain as well, meaning you might not cough as much using this method.

However, some cannabis enthusiasts report that vaping concentrate does not result in a high quite like the one you experience from vaping flower. In my personal experience of vaping both concentrates and flower, the high from vaping concentrate is different from vaping flower: you might not get as stereotypically stoned from concentrates if you're anything like me (and the other weed-lovers I've talked to about this). Other consumers don't report feeling any difference between the two methods of vaping, so again, it's entirely a personal preference!

Using a Flower Vape

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Vaping flower may seem less trendy than vaping concentrates but that doesn't mean flower needs to be left in the metaphorical cannabis industry dust. There's a reason that flower vapes still fly off the shelves and it's because stoners know there's just something about bud that feels right. The high from vaporizing cannabis flower might not be as strong as vaporizing concentrates but many actually prefer the taste and effects of good ol' fashioned weed bud. Consumers report more instances of throat irritation from vaping with flower though this could just be a result of stoners expecting flower to have a harsher throat and lung effect.

In my experience, vaping flower can have the same effect of changing the high that other vaporizers have. It's that particular sensation of not feeling the same buzz as one does when smoking straight flower from a bong or joint (or anything else along those lines). But don't let that stop you from enjoying some quality flower vapes today — the high might feel a little different but, depending on your experience, it might also not! The only way for you to know is to try vaporizing cannabis bud for yourself and see what happens. And there are some truly fantastic flower vapes on the market these days. It's worth investing in a good one if getting high off of vaporized weed flower sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Which is Better?

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Between vaping concentrates and vaping cannabis flower, neither is markedly better than the other. As with most cannabis products, your personal preferences and needs will have a lot to do with what kind of vape you'll end up liking the most! Cartridges are great for several reasons. They don't smell as much like weed and you don't have to carry flower around, for one! Concentrate vapes are also strong with great flavors and a wide array of brands to choose from.

Flower, on the other hand, will vary depending on what kinds of strains or quality weed you managed to get your hands on! The flower vape will be constant, but the flower will vary considerably, which is a good point to keep in mind when making your final decision. Other than those differences, just consider whether you prefer something truer to bud or a convenient and tasty cartridge. Really, if you think about it, there's nothing stopping you from picking up one of each vape type to get the best of both weed worlds! Maybe look for a Leafbuyer deal to bring to your favorite dispensary too to cut cost. Take a puff of extract here and a puff of bud vape there – no one's saying you can't! (Well, unless you live in a state where it’s illegal). So, go out and explore the wide array of cannabis vaporizers on the market today and you can do everything from vape concentrates to flower (and isn't that the dream?).