4 Vape Safety Tips for Online Shopping

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The online marketplace is a booming and thriving place. Whatever you need, only a quick Google search, a few typed numbers, and two-day shipping stands between the two of you. It's quick, easy, and beyond convenient.

However, with all of that awesome privilege comes some level of responsibility. With such a saturated market – regardless of the product – there's an extra layer of due diligence required. You have to do your research and assess the quality of whatever you're about to buy, or face the consequences.

Trying to avoid fake items while online shopping can be a hassle. We've all been there; an ill-fitting pair of pants, a painting that's a clear knockoff; it's the worst feeling to have ordered something that appears great online, only for it to be a total disaster once the box is opened for the big reveal.

This transcends product industries. Vaporizers, for example, are not immune to the dangers of online shopping. Thanks to legalization, and a rise in portable pens and smoking technology, the market has boomed. Unfortunately, so have companies that are offering products that are less-than-savory. This can lead consumers down harmful paths, as the quality of a vape pen is kind of a big deal – it's literally a direct mouthpiece.

When it comes to online shopping, follow these vape safety tips to pick out the best product for your needs.

Vape Safety Tips for Online Shopping

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1. The Battery is Key

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When it comes to vape safety tips for online shopping, the battery is very important; made of lithium, the battery could be considered the most dangerous part of the machine. They can become hazardous when it comes tinkering with replicable batteries and building your own coils, which should never be messed with without background knowledge of charges.

Perhaps the best way to avoid this mess is to get a machine that takes the fuss out of vaping. Products like the O.VapePen Battery, for example, are made with longevity in mind: this is a button-less vape pen battery that only involves screwing a pre-filled cartridge into the battery. There are no other elements of tinkering or undergoing stressful replacements. It's uncomplicated, and therefore much safer as a result.

For an added bonus, this product is extremely affordable and is great for long-time use, with a lifetime warranty. Consumers really get a bang for their buck when they don't have to constantly undergo battery replacement, which is a major plus along with the added safety benefit.

2. Temperature Matters: Beware of Heat

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It's key to mind the heat. Vaporizers deal directly with temperature, as they are heating up liquid in order to produce an ingestible vapor. For this reason, it isn't uncommon for vape pens to heat up and get way too hot for use, potentially leading to more disastrous outcomes.

Luckily, this is avoidable. First and foremost, one of the primary vape safety tips here is to be aware of the temperature and immediately set down the device as soon as it starts getting too hot. It's normal for them to get warm, but if it's too uncomfortable to touch, it's a problem.

The consequence is pretty severe. If they are pushed too far, they'll start to vent. This means that the chemicals inside the battery will overheat to the point that they start producing gasses, and potentially explode if the pen doesn't have a good ventilation system.

Perhaps the best way to avoid a temperature crisis is to get a vaporizer that is made with several temperature control settings. In addition to being safe, a range of heat options will improve the overall vaping experience.

3. Cartridge Quality Control

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Honestly, the product you smoke is just as important as the machine being used. Like with any smoking situation, the source of the product can be the difference between a great, safe experience, and a disaster.

Cartridge-wise, you never want to spend your money on low-quality products. To avoid putting a bad or spoiled cartridge in your vaporizer, consider visiting a local store to get recommendations from the staff. They can help advise you on more vape safety tips for online shopping, so you can go online to find the battery best suited to your needs.

Online shopping for vape products can be super easy, even easier than walking into a shop. VapeActive has all kinds of vape products on their site, everything from desktop vaporizers to small, handheld pens. They're focused entirely on vapes, so they have a wide array of top-quality options.

4. Do your research

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The biggest vape safety tip is to do your research first, both with what you're putting in your body and what you're using to do so. Source the quality of your products and materials by specifically looking into important details. Make sure that the device you're ordering isn't actually a dupe. Pay close attention to product packaging, the manufacturer's website, ingredients (watch out for diacetyl in e-liquids, as it has been known to cause health issues), and clear contact information – companies with good, high-quality products are proud of what they sell and will welcome feedback and questions.

Lastly – enjoy!

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