Finding the Best Temp to Vape Weed Can Be Difficult

Today, cannabis consumers are taking a proactive role to preserve their health. Thanks to the villainous tobacco industry, most consumers know that smoking anything can be damaging to the lungs, esophagus, and detrimental to overall health and wellness objectives. Thus, many health-conscious cannabis consumers are responding by vaping weed rather than smoking it. Through ongoing research and technological advances, consumers can easily customize their cannabis goals by adjusting the temperature at which they vaporize marijuana. The compounds in cannabis have unique boiling points, so it can be a learning process to find the best temp to vape weed for the best cannabis experience based on the consumer's individual needs. Learning about these cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as their respective boiling points is the first step in dialing in the best temp to vape weed, specifically for you

What the Research Shows

In terms of botanical research, the cannabis sativa plant is about seven decades behind other types of botanicals. However, as prohibition continues to lift across the United States and the world, modern research is presenting unbelievable ways to customize how the herb works for the consumer. Whether seeking to tap into the myriad of potential health and wellness benefits, or simply for the recreational aspects, today's consumers are learning how to use cannabis with intent.

Through manipulating the various boiling points of the compounds, cannabis manufacturers are able to use high-tech equipment to boil off cannabinoids and terpenes, and collect them individually as a vapor, to produce products like THC or CBD distillates or isolates. Through the use of various weed vape pens and devices, cannabis consumers can also manipulate the temperature to achieve similar results.

Customizing Your Weed Vaping Experience

Understanding different temperature ranges can help you find the best temp to vape weed based on your desired experience.

  • Low-Temp Vaping (310F – 330F)– This is the highly-recommended temperature for a light cerebral effect which is uplifting and energetic. Compounds involved at this temperature include caryophyllene, pinene, and the cerebral THC. This is a great temperature for anti-inflammation and anti-anxiety, without potent sedative effects. Additionally, a low-temperature vape is thought to provide the best flavor as the terpenes are gently vaporized rather than quickly burnt.

best temp to vape weed infographic

  • Medium-Temp Vaping (330F – 370F)– Medium-range temperatures create stronger cerebral effects, often inducing laughter and a severe case of the munchies. At these temperatures, the consumer is going to get a broader range of compounds. At this range, cannabinoids CBD, Delta-8-THC, and CBN are all vaporized, along with myrcene, limonene, and terpinolene terpenes. Most consumers find the best temp to vape weed is in this range.
  • Med-High Temp Vaping (370F – 390F)– At these temperatures, consumers also pick up the benefits of inhaling linalool, a wonderfully-therapeutic terpene commonly found in cannabis and hemp. As the temperature increases, consumers can expect more pronounced effects from their cannabis experience.
  • High-Temp Vaping (390F and Up)– At this temperature, the effects can be overwhelmingly intense as THCV and CBC are adding into the picture, both of which boil off at 428F. Altogether, cannabinoids and terpenes vaporized at high temperatures are going to produce extreme relaxation, intense euphoric effects, and likely induce sleep. However, at these temperatures, the material will also be close to combustion, so the vapor produced can be harsh less flavorful.

A Word of Caution About High-Temp Vaping

While further research needs to be completed, three known toxins can also be produced by vaporizing cannabis including benzene, naphthalene, and toluene. Research from 2001 shows vaporizing cannabis below 392F completely eliminates the chances of inhaling the toxins. Naturally, consumers who are using cannabis as a means to better health should be aware that higher temperatures may actually be counteracting their efforts. However, it should also be noted, benzene is commonly found in many places including vehicle exhaust, paints, even soft drinks and the air around gas stations. Based on research from 1986, benzene is found in very small amounts in cannabis. But who wants to inhale any carcinogens, regardless of how much is in it?

And the Award for Best Temp to Vape Weed Goes to...

Anything under 392F.

To reap the maximum benefit from your product, achieve the best flavors, and maintain a healthy and non-toxic vapor, keep your vaporizer temps below this temperature. The goal is to keep temperatures warm enough to ensure that the consumer is vaporizing plenty of terpenes and cannabinoids for best flavor and appropriate effect, while getting the most efficient vapor and not wasting any valuable marijuana material.

However, finding the absolute best temp to vape weed for individual needs is going to be largely dependent on the consumers themselves and may require a process to find the perfect sweet spot. As with all things cannabis, consumers should start slow and low, working their way up in temperature and potency as their tolerance increases. With each new experience, alter the variables only slightly, increasing the temperature only five to ten degrees at a time, and note the effects. Within no time, consumers will find the precise temperature that provides the most benefits.