Exploring Stand Up Comedy And Cannabis

stand up comedy

When you're a stoner, watching stand up comedy sober can feel like watching Bob Ross paint in black and white: technically right, but lacking soul. Cannabis adds an edge of unhinged hilarity to comedy routines that sobriety just can't compete with. Bad stand up comedy, the type that makes you cringe in your seat and pray for the next act, especially benefits from having a high audience. Plus, there's a reason so many stand up comedians smoke weed, and we can probably agree it isn't insomnia. While not all comedians are pro-cannabis, a good many support, endorse, and even openly consume the herb in question. It stands to reason then, if the entertainers themselves are combining weed with their humor, that there may be some connection. But what is actually is the connection between stand up comedy and cannabis, and why does it exist?

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What Connects stand up Comedy And Cannabis?

Do stoners seek out comedy, or does comedy attract stoners? This cyclical, chicken/egg question makes finding the connection between stand up comedy and cannabis seem impossible. Not all stoners like comedy, and not all comedians smoke, but that doesn't erase the connection between the two activities. Maybe stoners enjoy stand up comedy shows because they're easy to locate and generally inexpensive. College campuses, bars, backyards, and professional theaters are just a few places you're likely to find some decent stand up routines. But then what makes stand up comedy different from movies or plays for stoners? Just a few key elements that relate stand up comedy and cannabis:

Comedy And Weed Both Make You Laugh

Why are stoner comedies common, but not stoner tragedies or romances? Because people who smoke weed are usually looking for entertainment that will make them laugh! Studies show that there is a definite connection between cannabis and laughter, which anyone who has smoked weed can easily attest to. A stand up comedy show is the perfect place to get high and laugh along with hundreds of people. With weed-induced euphoria and laughter's contagious nature, combining stand up comedy and cannabis makes sense. The ultimate goal for both, after all, is unmitigated, unrestrained laughter. Even bad comedy can make you laugh so hard you cry, but only if you're high enough!

Comedy And Weed Are Entertaining

stand up comedy routines are easy to watch, which is always a good thing when you're too stoned to function. All you have to do is sit in a dark room and watch someone tell jokes! stand up (or at least good stand up) is also accessible, snappy, and clear, which means that no stoner gets left behind. And when you consider that many common stoner hobbies are sedentary (video games, TV, drum circles, meditation, etc...), the connection between stand up comedy and cannabis becomes even more clear. Watching a comedy routine isn't hard work, both mentally and physically, and easy entertainment is probably ideal for most indica-induced weed hazes. People consume cannabis recreationally for the same reason they watch stand up comedy: to be entertained!

Comedy And Weed Are Social

We all know that socializing after smoking weed can be difficult, especially if you're surrounded by a bunch of people you don't know. stand up comedy shows allow stoners to enjoy all the benefits of having a really funny friend without having to respond/keep up with the conversation. It's a risk-free way to immerse yourself in a social situation while high! You can even bring friends along for the ride. Since studies show that laughing with people actually makes you closer, it's the perfect way to spend quality time with someone without exerting any effort whatsoever! Smoke some weed, go to the show, and spend an evening laughing, bonding, and maybe even crying, all without saying a word.

Does Cannabis Make stand up Comedy Better?

Whether or not cannabis makes stand up comedy more enjoyable is entirely subjective. However, it's pretty safe to say that if you already like weed and stand up, combining the two can only make things better. Weed is a mood enhancer that promotes laughter, and one could argue that stand up comedy does the same thing. Combining the two will make you laugh harder, longer, and probably louder than you wanted to in such a public setting. Edibles are great for stand up shows since they last longer than other methods of cannabis consumption, and are generally stronger too. And if you take too much and really don't want to go out in public, it's still possible to enjoy stand up comedy and cannabis in the comfort of your own home. Just smoke a joint (or two or three), press play, and decide if stand up comedy and cannabis are connected for yourself.