5 Stoner Date Ideas

420 in Colorado

A couple that smokes weed together stays together. And unlike booze hounds who’ve got it easy with a bar on every corner, finding 420-friendly places to take your date is a little more difficult. Even though few cities and even fewer public areas have legalized weed, there are still some places around town that promise a blazing good time. Below are 5 date ideas to impress your stoner companion.

Eat Pizza

Taking your special someone out for dinner might seem a bit boring and predictable. But if you’ve just smoked a bowl or three, grabbing a bite to eat isn’t cliche, it’s a necessity.

What better to satiate your munchies than at a pizza joint?

Pizza is the quintessential stoner snack. When you’re high, even bad pizza tastes delicious. And if you’re lucky enough to have a pizza buffet nearby, you’ve struck gold. Sometimes, those places will even accommodate special requests. So you can astound your date with your refined pallet by ordering a macaroni and cheese, bacon, Frito pizza.

Take an Art Class

Stoner Date Food

There’s no better time to create than when you’re baked. Smoking weed enhances the creative process, muffling self-criticism and allowing ideas to flow more freely.

Marijuana may also make things so much more hilarious.

Schedule a couple’s painting or sculpting class. You’ll produce a high-art masterpiece or laugh hysterically as you sling wet clay around the studio. Either way, you’re sure to have a productive evening.

Visit the Planetarium

Surely, you’ve been on class field trips to your local planetarium. As an elementary school child, you oohed and aahed at the constellations projected on the planetarium dome above your head. As an adult, you can recapture that same wonder and amazement by visiting the planetarium after dark.

Most planetariums offer late-night cosmic light shows. You and your sweetheart can lie back in a dark room and marvel at laser beams dancing across the sky. The THC in your system and accompanying Pink Floyd soundtrack are sure to enhance the visual effects.

Attend a Concert

Marijuana and music is a classic cannabis combo. Many musicians and singers actually attribute their success to cannabis. As mentioned before, marijuana opens the mind to inspiration inventiveness. It also loosens up concert goers so they can vibe out to even the worst of garage bands.

Most conveniently, concert venues often turn into one big hot box. So if you feel your high start to wane, you’ll most likely have a chance to blaze again. If you spot some clouds in the center of the crowd, you’ve found your opportunity and your people. Make your way over with your date and your joint and light up.

Go on a Hike

If you’ve spent all your money on weed, you can still show your lover a good time by lacing up your hiking boots and heading outdoors. A nature walk isn’t just free entertainment, it’s a full sensory experience.

The increased production of dopamine in your baked brain heightens your senses. You pay attention to and are overwhelmed by the little and simple things. Fall in love over the smell of fresh pine. Discuss the intricacies of a spider’s web. Have a deep, thought-provoking discussion about how cannabis is a gift from the earth.