8 Life Hacks For Stoners

Use Honey to Keep Joints from Burning too Fast

Do your joints ever burn faster than you can smoke them? Remedy that problem by using the honey spliff technique. After rolling your joint, dab a drop of honey or maple syrup around the skin of the paper. Next, roll the gooey joint in some freshly ground weed. You can either begin you smoke session immediately, or for added measure, pop the joint in the oven for about 5 minutes or until it starts to brown. As a result, you’ll get a joint that burns much slower and tastes delicious.

Construct a Makeshift Grinder out of Household Items

If you’re in a jam and can’t find your grinder, you can MacGyver one with items you can probably find between your couch cushions. Find a penny and disinfect it with some rubbing alcohol. Grab an empty pill bottle and toss the coin into it along with a nugget or two. Secure the bottle’s cap and then start shaking. The coin will break up the nuggets in no time.

Pop a Mint to Avoid Cottonmouth and Curb the Munchies

Two of the most notorious side effects of cannabis consumption include cotton mouth and the munchies. Smoking weed lowers your blood sugar levels and causes your salivary glands to produce less spit. Therefore, you’re left with dry mouth and a raging appetite.
However, popping a mint or another hard candy will increase your saliva production and keep your mouth nice a moist. And the sugar from the slow-melting sweet will help satiate your hunger.

Clean Your Pipe with Actual Pipe Cleaners

Have you seen those colored, wired and bristly pipe cleaners that children use for crafts? Turns out, they truly are great for cleaning out your pipes, bongs, and bubblers. They’re small enough to shove through your glass and sturdy enough to scrape out all the nasty resin. The best part? They’re super cheap. Just throw them away when you’re done.

Eat a Mango to Increase and Prolong Your High

Both mangoes and various other exotic plants contain chemical compounds called myrcene and terpenes. Cannabis contains terpenes, as well.

If you eat a mango up to an hour before toking up, the mango terpenes react with the THC from the cannabis, allowing it to pass through the blood brain barrier at a much faster rate. This means, the THC travels straight into your bloodstream quicker and more efficiently than it would without the mango assist.

You’ll not only feel the psychoactive effects of your weed faster, you’ll also lengthen the duration of your high.

Make a Sploof with an Aquarium Filter

A sploof is a homemade device that you blow smoke through to mask any smell and prevent particles from spreading around the room or car. You can use dryer sheets, or go a step further and pick up an aquarium filter refill from your local pet store. It contains mostly carbon and smell-neutralizing chemicals. Wrap up the carbon in some tissues, stuff it into a toilet paper roll, pop in a few dryer sheets, and you have a sploof that will last you a few weeks.

Put Frozen Fruit in your Bong

Instead of using ice in your bong, try using frozen fruit. It stays frozen much longer, and once the fruit starts to melt, it tastes amazing. Make sure you give your bong a thorough clean straight after to avoid any build-up.