Differences Between Medical Marijuana Programs

Doctor in field with marijuanaBy Stokkete
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There has been numerous debates about who is playing the marijuana game better: Cali or Colorado?

Well with subjective stats aside, let’s look at each of these ganja giants medical marijuana programs.

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Who did it first?

Everyone pretty much knows that California was the first state to allow medical marijuana to be decriminalized since the Reagan rule. Although back some 100 plus years ago they were the first state to ban the use of it. In 1996 the people of the golden state voted for proposition 215. It took Colorado another 4 years to legalize it. But it is notable that in 2010 Colorado set up provisions to make dispensaries legitimate business.

Which state allows you to grow your own weed?

Both states actually allow you to grow your own weed. In fact, both states actually have restrictions on outdoor and indoor growing depending on the county, space, etc. No tie breaker here.

Who can carry more (non-caregiver or grower)?

In Colorado two ounces and six plants, No more than three in their mature stage, can be in your possession at any given time. Although since it is a medical marijuana state with registered medical marijuana cardholders

, you can build quite the case in your defense to allow more under certain circumstances. In California a “general” statutory rule is 8 ounces of dry Marijuana, plus 6 mature plants or 12 immature plants. Now we got to give it to Cali, in 2010 (People v. Kelly) ruled the limit unconstitutional to the original amendment. +1 for Cali

Where is it cheaper to register?

California’s Standard MMJ registration card fee is $66 and $33 for anyone on the state’s Medicaid program. In Colorado the Normal Fee is about half the normal fee of California at $35, AND furthermore can be waived if you lie 185% under the poverty level of income. +1 Colorado

Which state allows me to use at work?

Neither. Unfortunately right now most labor laws are backed by the federal government which still views the use of marijuana as illegal.

Can I get a medical card as minor?

Both actually allow the issue of a medical marijuana card to a minor with certain stipulations: Consent of a parent or guardian. Colorado actually requires two physician’s approval and the parent or guardian must serve as the primary caregiver. Now your view on the use of any controlled substance before the age of 24 on the frontal lobe will determine which is better.

What Conditions will allow me to get my card?

To view California’s list of qualifying conditions, click here.

To view Colorado’s list, click here.

Colorado, though, really does leave it up to the physician if he or she believes that the use of medical marijuana could help an individual.