Inspiration: Sweet and Fruity Apple-Flavored Weed Strains

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Here is a perfect inspiration for summer heading into fall. At their peak ripeness, fall harvest apples have a unique collection of terpenes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind scent. These terpenes can also be found in many cannabis strains and more are being created to meet specific criteria. Apple-flavored weed strains are easier than ever to find. One look through a strain database will uncover those seeking a fall-inspired strain.

 Apples and cannabis are cultivated all around the world and harvested in late September through October. During Fall, apple flavors dominate dessert, baked goods, and other culinary treats. Cannabis consumers that want to participate in the seasonal uproar will be happy to know that there are many apple-flavored weed strains available.

Unlike cannabis, apples have over 7,500 cultivars that were artificially created via stem cuttings from parent apple trees and replanting them over multiple generations to create resilient characteristics. All of these apple varieties have a unique aroma profile produced by chemical compounds known as terpenes that are also found in many cannabis strains.

The Purpose of Terpenes in Apples and Cannabis

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Terpenes in plants, including marijuana strains, serve to attract pollinators and ward off pathogens and herbivores. On top of their evolutionary and survival purpose terpenes that responsible for the trademark apple scent are delicious in pies, juices, smoothies, and more edible goods. Fruit aroma and flavor comes as a secondary characteristic.

Apples and cannabis share many terpenes, which is why cannabis consumers can find apple-flavored weed strains. A look into what terpenes constitute that apple scent will help cannabis consumers choose apple-flavored weed strains that feature these specific terpenes. One study decided to uncover the unique aromatic profile of one apple variety, Royal Gala apples, for their availability and popularity.

A Look into Royal Gala Apples 

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Royal Gala apples are one of the most commercially available apples in the world. Apple manufacturers choose to grow specific varieties of apples for their sturdiness when transporting worldwide, their appearance, taste, high yield count, and ability to be stored over a long period of time. Apples that meet these criteria require a thick skin to protect them from a tough external environment.

One study decided to look into the chemical terpene profile of an apple, specifically, the Royal Gala apple.  Researchers found that the Royal Gala apple contained a considerably smaller terpene content than heritage varieties like Belle Bonne, Adam’s Pearmain, and King David apples. Royal Gala apples have five to fifteen times fewer terpenes. Heritage apples were more common a couple hundred years ago and favored for their unique shapes, colors, and tastes.

Royal Gala had a higher terpineol content than its heritage varieties. Other terpenes found in apples include limonene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool, neridol, and alpha-pinene. Researchers suggested that the small number of terpenes found in modern apples may be a result of commercial breeding strategies. The most common terpene found, however, was alpha-farnese.

Alpha-Farnese: The Most Common Terpene

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The study found that Royal Gala apples contained a high concentration of alpha-farnesene, a terpene that is found in green-apple scents. Royal Galas also contained a large amount of farnesol and beta-farnesene. Many marijuana strains contain alpha-farnesene and feature the signature green-apple aroma.

The alpha-farnesene oxidizes and turns a brown color. While alpha-farnesene is not one of the most widely available terpenes in cannabis strains, some strains do carry this specific terpene and other terpenes found in apples.

Beta-farnesene is commonly found in herbs, plants, and fruit rinds. Alpha-farnesene on the skin of apples can break down if left out or damaged. Beta-farnesene can be found in plants like potatoes and serves as an insect repellent. Aphids also release this pheromone to warn other members of impending danger.

Apple-Flavored Weed Strains 

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Apple-flavored weed strains can be found across licensed dispensaries in medical and recreational marijuana states. Certain weed strains contain scent-filled terpenes found in apple varieties like Royal Gala apples. For cannabis connoisseurs looking for a flower with an apple-pie-twist, turn to these popular weed strains:

Apple Kush

This indica-dominant strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Pure Kush. Its strong apple scent comes with a hint of diesel to balance the sweetness.

Sour Apple

Sour Apple has a hint of lemony sweetness mixed in with the apple aroma. As an indica-dominant strain, consumers can expect a body buzz.

Green Apple OG

Experience an energizing buzz and creative rush with this sativa-leaning strain made by Green Apple Co-Op in California. This apple-flavored weed strain is ideal for daytime use.

Apple Jack

Apple Jack was created by Dutch breeders, Seedism Seeds. This mix between Jack Herer and White Widow produces a 50/50 indica and sativa strain with balanced effects.

At their peak ripeness, fall harvest apples have a unique collection of terpenes that contribute to their one-of-a-kind scent. These terpenes can also be found in many cannabis strains and more are being created to meet specific criteria. Apple-flavored weed strains are easier than ever to find. One look through a strain database will uncover those seeking a fall-inspired strain.