How CBD Products Complement Cannabis Use

When it comes ot CBD, many people ask, how can I get the best effects?  CBD products can complement your cannabis use, giving you an even better experience. Products like CBD isolate powder, CBD isolate slabs, CBD shatter, CBG isolates, and CBN isolates are all great complements.

Why CBD Is a Perfect Complement

It is common to wonder what type of improved experience cannabis users get when they combine CBD with their marijuana, and there are actually multiple answers.

Entourage Effect

The entourage effect refers to the fact that the various parts of the cannabis plant, including terpenes and cannabinoids, work together to maximize the effects. In other words, taking CBD with your cannabis can increase some of the effects of marijuana, particularly those that medical marijuana users are in search of.

To maximize these effects, consider taking a CBG isolate or CBN isolate, as well. Both are cannabinoids that naturally occur in marijuana in very low quantities.

CBD Can Help You Come Down

If you get too high, CBD can come in and help you out. Research shows that CBD can tone down the psychoactive effects of THC. In other words, if you smoke too much and want to come down more quickly than normal, taking some CBD could help you out.

It Is Already in Cannabis 

The best proof that CBD works well with cannabis is the fact that it is already in the plant. The amount of CBD depends on the strain, but having CBD isolates or another product on hand lets you increase the content or complement strains with lower CBD.

It's Nice Even without Cannabis 

Even if you choose not to take it with cannabis, CBD is useful to have on hand and has many potential benefits.

There Are Multiple Forms Available

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One of the great things about CBD is the range of forms available. You can get CBD powder or CBD isolate powder as well as shatter or slabs.

Stick to unflavored powders if you want or opt for something that has been flavored with natural terpenes or other flavorings. If you combine these with your marijuana, you can get an enhanced flavor.

Multiple Ways to Use It

 There are many options for using CBD. If you have CBD shatter, CBD isolate powder, or CBD isolate slab, you can dab it. You could also just sprinkle some on top of your bowl or in a joint. If you prefer, add CBD powder to your edibles or bake with it. Or just take it orally directly from the product, whether that is gummies, jellybeans, powder, or slabs. You can even apply CBD topically with creams, roll-ons, and gels for muscles, pain relief, and more.

You only need to look at a brand like Best Life Hemp, which offers premium CBD products of all types, from topicals to jellybeans and gummies to lip balms and oils.

How to Combine CBD with Cannabis or THC

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There are numerous ways to combine CBD with cannabis or THC. You can get one of the above CBD products, like CBD shatter or CBD isolate powder, and then add a bit to your cannabis when you smoke it.

If you prefer consuming edibles to enjoy your cannabis, you can find edibles that contain both THC from cannabis and additional CBD. If you make edibles, you could just add CBD isolate powder or CBD powder to your favorite recipe.

You can also find products, from oils to edibles, that include both THC and CBD in measured amounts.

The Ideal Ratio

Unfortunately, there is no ideal ratio of CBD to THC, so your use of CBD to complement your cannabis use will involve some trial and error. This comes from the fact that everyone is different and your reactions to both cannabis and CBD will depend on your body chemistry, weight, and other factors.

Ideally, you will want to start by adding a small amount of CBD to your normal cannabis consumption. Start with a dose of about 5 to 15 milligrams and see how you react. From there, you can increase the dose. You could also see if the way in which you consume the CBD affects your body's response. You may prefer CBD gummies, CBD shatter, or an isolate powder.

Where to Get CBD

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To maximize safety, you should not just buy your CBD products anywhere, just like you would not buy your cannabis from any source. Take the time to confirm it is a reputable source with quality products.

Lab Testing

You should always opt for CBD products that are lab-tested. This is essential because of the lack of oversight at a federal level. Without oversight, companies are free to produce low-quality products and will unlikely face consequences, other than potentially losing new clients. The best companies opt for independent lab testing to show the purity and safety of their products. Lab testing lets you confirm that your chosen CBD product does not have contaminants in it. It also provides confirmation that the product has the advertised amount of CBD, so you can dose properly.