Is There a Difference Between Marijuana Caviar and Moon Rocks?

ball of kief

Do you like being high? Is regular weed just not enough to satisfy that THC craving? Well, you don't need to worry! The cannabis market has just the thing to keep you satisfied and high as a kite: moon rocks and caviar. If you're not a hardcore stoner, then asking the difference between caviar and moon rocks probably sounds just a little ridiculous. After all, caviar usually means fish eggs and moon rocks come from space...right? Wrong! Caviar and moon rocks are the creme de la creme of weed and weed products for a high-impact cannabis high.

If you're the kind of stoner who likes high-THC, knock-off-your-socks, forget-your-own name kind of weed, then you've found your niche. Moons rocks and caviar aren't just fancy names and a good high – they're the next level for any weed lover looking to change their personal definition of being too high (in a good way, of course).

And if you're wondering, 'what's the difference between cannabis caviar vs. moon rocks,' you're about to find out. Spoiler alert: it isn't much! Both caviar and moon rocks will get you as high as you want to be, and probably past that. So read up on caviar vs. moon rocks and get ready to experience a weed high stronger than any you've felt from smoking. They're not called caviar and moon rocks for nothing, and the high really is as valuable as caviar and as out of this world as moon rocks.

What is Caviar?

ball of marijuana caviar

Cannabis caviar, as the name would suggest, is incredibly valuable. Just like its fish egg counterpart, weed caviar is desired throughout the cannabis community for the high impact of THC it gives when consumed. If you're wondering what marijuana caviar is, it's simply (and splendidly) a nug of weed dipped in hash oil and coated in kief. Caviar can be made from any strain and the potency differs greatly depending on the weed and weed source in question. Wherever you get your cannabis caviar, make sure to treat it with all due respect and a healthy dose of caution. Even everyday stoners can bite off more than they can chew with these loaded balls of THC. Think of edibles without the wait and that's basically the effect you can expect to feel with a strong dose of cannabis caviar. For a less intense cannabis caviar high try smoking less by either pacing your hits or splitting the weed with a friend. You can certainly get too high with this product. Always play it safe when it comes to drugs, even with weed.

What are Moon Rocks?

moon rock

Moon rocks are out of this world as far as weed products go, with their potent high and awesome name. For those who don't know, moon rocks are like little asteroids of THC – kief-coated buds dipped in hash oil and coated in kief. Don't be alarmed if that sounds familiar since the difference between moon rocks and marijuana caviar is pretty minuscule (if not entirely nonexistent). Moon rocks are popular amongst hardcore stoners as a natural way to enhance the effects of THC on the system without turning to more indulgent methods like dabbing or edibles. Moon rocks are valued in the stoner community for their easy-to-achieve, impactful high. You don’t need special equipment like a dab rig to enjoy moon rocks. You also don't need to wait an hour after eating a cookie, brownie, or whatever wacky edible you've found on the ever-expanding legal cannabis market. Instead, you just pack, smoke, and inhale like usual – just with much (much) better results!

Caviar vs. Moon Rocks

grinder chamber with lots of kief

So you may be wondering at this point, what exactly is the difference between caviar and moon rocks? To be honest, there isn't much other than the name that separates the two. Your region, exposure, and personal preference probably have more to do with differentiating the two than anything else. They're more or less identical in the ways that count! The most telling difference? Fancy people buy weed caviar and more eclectic people buy moon rocks.

If you're looking for nuanced differences in cannabis caviar vs. moon rocks then the only (ever so slight) difference is down to the kief. Moon rocks are just about always coated in kief while cannabis caviar might not be. This difference is pretty minuscule considering most weed caviar still comes coated in glorious, THC-filled kief, but for the disappointing few that don't, this distinction might be important. Either way, the difference in caviar vs. moon rocks is so small that it doesn't (really) matter. Unless your weed standards are super high, either product will get you where you want to go. After all, what's in a name? A moon rock by any other name is just as potent.

Why People Smoke Caviar and Moon Rocks

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If you're wondering why people like caviar and moon rocks then you've probably just never had them (or you don't like feeling really high). Generally, people who love a strong weed high love these delightful nugs of THC, especially those who don't enjoy smoking a ton for the effects to kick in. Moon rocks and cannabis caviar are perfect for people with a low smoke tolerance and a high weed tolerance. They're also a great way for a heavy cannabis consumer or an everyday toker to add a little oomph to their next smoke session. Nothing quite blows a hardcore stoner off their feet like moon rocks and caviar, which is probably what gives it its appeal. After all, after you smoke enough, weed novelty in and of itself is attractive. And with the cannabis market only growing, now is the prime opportunity to try out all these new and awesome cannabis products. Who knows, maybe after giving moon rocks and cannabis caviar a chance you'll become a fan too. But don't say we didn't warn you!

Buying Caviar and Moon Rocks

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Now that you know about caviar and/or moon rocks, it's important to realize it isn't always easy to find them. Since cannabis caviar and moon rocks are relatively new to the cannabis market, they may not be available for purchase at every venue. You can buy a dozen different pre-rolled joints in any dispensary worth its salt, but you're lucky to find caviar or moon rocks. The reason for this? Probably a combination of their potency and lack of recognition on the large-scale market. That said, the time for more niche cannabis products like caviar and moon rocks is on the rise! Start requesting these items at your local dispensary and soon enough (with a little luck) you'll be kicking back these potent balls of THC faster than you can say, 'this is lit.' If not, Portland always has your back for all your cannabis caviar needs.