Top 2018 Movies to Watch High: Netflix, Redbox, and the Theater

Girl laughs as she watches one of the top 2018 movies to watch high at a theater

We all know the enhancing effect marijuana can have on experiencing the arts, whether its finding new relevance in a familiar song or laughing until you cry at a well-orchestrated pratfall. But nothing really compares to watching a movie stoned; a few puffs can make a bad movie good or make a visually-stunning movie come alive.

So, gathered here are 9 of the top 2018 movies to watch high from Redbox, Netflix, and the Box Office. 


Conveniently located outside of high-traffic shopping locations, Redbox is great if you're too busy to make it to the theatre. Taking a DVD home also allow you to toke up while you watch the movie. Here are three awesome 2018 movies to watch high from Redbox.

  1. Isle of Dogs: This is a Wes Anderson film; for some people, that is all they need to hear. The adroit director known for his distinct vision and narrative style, has created his second stop-motion film, this time about an island of trash, inhabited by Japanese dogs.

The dogs are voice acted by some of Hollywood's biggest stars, have fun picking them out. You don't have to smoke pot to enjoy the visual aesthetic of this movie, but you would have to be high not to.

  1. Game Night: Who needs monopoly when you can solve a murder mystery? In this thrilling comedy, three couples get pulled into a whole new game, where they face thieves, thugs, and gangsters on their quest to save a hostage.

On face value, Game Night looks like a run of the mill comedy about middle-class suburbanites, but this film packs some twists and turns that will keep your blood-shot eyes peeled, waiting for another shoe to drop.

  1. Deadpool 2: The merc with a mouth is back, kicking ass and taking names... for a team! In this sequel, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) recruits help to save a powerful mutant boy from a time-traveling assassin.

This second installment; packed full of action, jokes, and sight gags, is even better with a packed bowl. And if you can't get enough of Deadpool's one-liners, the Blu-Ray disc has alternate jokes cut from the movie to keep you rolling with laughter.

Netflix (Bom-Bom)

Who wants to mess with a DVD player when you can Netflix and smoke a chillum? The (mostly) streaming site boasts one of the biggest digital movie selections and is always adding new content. Check out some of the top 2018 movies to watch high on Netflix.

  1. The Package: After their friend gets humiliatingly dismembered while camping, four teenagers must race against the clock to reunite him with his most prized possession.

This stoner-comedy is produced by the guys from Workaholics and contains all the absurd, crude, and juvenile humor those guys are known for.

  1. The Cloverfield Paradox: In this prequel(?), we are confronted with an Earth that is running out of power and only a last-ditch experiment in space can save the planet. After the experiment fails, the team is left to reconcile with the consequences.

This sci-fi movie is excellent fare for your stoned viewing pleasure, but make sure you don't break your bong when the big "oh shit" moment happens...

  1. Dude: This female-led stoner comedy is equal parts tragic reality and crude comedy. Focused on the senior year of four high school friends and the strain of growing apart.

Many stoned watchers will relate to scenes of the girls casually hot-boxing their car with a Donkey Kong bong. Not all laughs but fun nonetheless.

The Movie Theater

Sometimes you anticipate a movie so much, that you are willing to brave seeing it in a theater on opening weekend and sometimes you just got to get out of the house. Either way, a dark theater, seat-rumbling audio, and buttery popcorn is still the ideal way to see a film for many people. For those folks who enjoy going to the movie theater after a good pot-session, here are three promising 2018 movies to watch high, that are coming soon.

  1. Night School: Opening on Sept. 28th, Kevin Hart stars in this 'back to school' Comedy. Centered around a man who needs to get his GED after accidentally burning down his old job. He finds himself dropped into a classroom full of oddballs and a teacher that believes he is clinically dumb.

Hart is surrounded by a brilliant cast of comedy veteran costars including Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, and the hilarious Tiffany Haddish. This comedy is begging to be seen baked.

  1. Venom: The trailers for this movie are badass, creepy, and intriguing. Tom Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a reporter who is 'infected' by an alien symbiote (Venom) while investigating a sinister medical facility. Brock is at first terrified but soon grows to appreciate and depend on the infecting symbiote to help him stay alive.

Eat some edibles and prepare for your cottoned-mouth to hang open when you see the carnage the symbiote(s) cause in this highly anticipated anti-superhero action movie. 

  1. Suspiria: A remake of a 1977 Italian supernatural horror film. Suspiria follows the darkness at the center of a world-renowned dance company. In this nightmarish film, the troupe’s artistic director, an ambitious young dancer and a grieving psychotherapist are all pirouetting in and out of sanity.

Probably the creepiest and most bizarre of the top 2018 movies to watch high. This psychological thriller is said to have freaked out actress Dakota Johnson enough to seek counseling after filming (and she was in Fifty Shades of Grey). So, stoners be warned, after seeing this movie, you just might mistake your vape-cloud for a ghost – or worse.

After Credits Scene

Well, that's it for this list of top 2018 movies to watch high, leave a comment below if you enjoyed any of these movies while stoned or if you have any recommendations for movies that were left out.