The 4 Best Video Game and Strain Pairings


The beauty of getting high is that it can lead to many different experiences, from mellow to adventurous. Different strains result in many diverse reactions – from the body to the mind to the flowing juices of creativity.

One of the all-time favorite experiences for marijuana lovers is to settle into a video game during or after smoking weed. It's considered a near-perfect combination: the screen, whether flashy or story-driven, provides the consumer with visual stimulation and an outlet for their burst of creative energy. There's a range of what a video game can be, from immersive to thought-provoking to surreal to stunning to compelling, and everything in between.

It's nice, too, that this mind-altering combination often doesn't involve getting off the couch. This boosts its popularity with strains that buzz the mind while the body doesn't exactly intend to follow. Another bonus? Even if you're regularly lighting up, you can get a whole new feel and a unique high each time you start a new game.

So, what are the best stoner video games? There are classics and modern favorites, many of which have earned a reputation as a stereotypical stoner game, as long as they're paired with the perfect strain.

The Very Best Stoner Video Games to Play While High

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Stoner Video Game: Pokémon

pokemon cards
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There's a reason this game has remained so popular over the years, and has been modified to fit modern times and popular culture. The recommendation is for an old school Game Boy Pokemon game; having access to the throwback technology is a fun time high or not, but there's an added level of hilarity when you're able to give your team whatever name you desire – if you can manage to stop giggling.

Since Pokemon is played through turns, it's also okay to space out, take a break, or grab a snack before you're up, making it a stress-free leisurely pastime. It's stereotypically a stoner game, because it mixes nostalgia with low-risk fun, and rode a counter-culture wave until making it to the big leagues.

Strain Recommendation: Blue Diesel

This marijuana strain will inspire laughs, which is a nice complement to a world of adorable, brightly colored fighting animals.

Stoner Video Game: Tetris

tetris video game

Maybe you remember playing Tetris in an arcade, using up your quarters and trying to beat that elusive high score. Or perhaps it was the first and only game you ever bought on your flip phone all those years ago. Regardless of how you were first introduced, Tetris is one of the best stoner video games – one that remains timeless and entertaining, especially when weed is involved.

If we're being honest, there is little else that is as satisfying as lining up those Tetris blocks (called Tetrimino, FYI) and filling in gaps, then watching a row clear and feeling stress momentarily dissipate. Adding marijuana only intensifies the sensation, and makes it an almost ethereal experience. Weed lovers everywhere have accepted playing Tetris stoned as a rite of passage, and have welcomed the game into their nostalgic hall of fame, along with lava lamps and tie-die.

Strain Recommendation: Green Crack

If you plan on lasting in the rapid advancement Tetris world, this high-focus strain will do the trick, while also allowing those Tetrimino colors to pop even more vividly.

Stoner Video Game: Super Smash Bros.

bud and bowl on green

Sometimes fighting games are super fun, especially when they involve beloved characters and a crazy good high. Even with delayed reflexes and response times, fighting one-on-one with a creative surge is a stoner's holy grail.

Super Smash Bros. is a challenging, absurd, and rousing opportunity to think outside the box and find hilarity in unlikely characters facing off (Kirby versus Link? In what world?!), making it a contender as one of the best stoner video games in existence. Stoners know: this is a game to play when high, at least once.

Strain Recommendation: Chemdawg

This potent hybrid is an ideal pairing for Super Smash Bros. because it leaves a consumer strong surge of creativity. Even if they're losing, at least they are happy – nay, euphoric – about it, sorting through a rush of ideas to win each and every battle.

Stoner Video Game: NBA Street

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In this PlayStation favorite, players are able to draft a team of NBA studs and take them to a sweet park court. As they win games and earn points, it's a highlight of the game to build players and douse them with dribble skills, killer swag, and an uglier-than-sin face, with absurd names. Ball don't lie, though, and NBA Street makes for epic fun when the player is lit and sinking threes from downtown or racking up enough trick points for a gamebreaker.

This game, when mixed with the right strain, is one of the best stoner video games. It's unbelievably fun, challenging, and makes for endless hours of entertainment. Stoners gather for a day of NBA Street, whether they're playing or not, to sit back and enjoy the show. Bonus points for remembering the announcer's badass one-liners later, like "in and out like a fast food restaurant."

Strain Recommendation: Blue Cheese

When it comes to NBA Street, it's okay to be a little couch-locked. A little bit of a strain known to relax is a nice contrast to the fast-paced, up and down the court nature of the game.

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