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Green Crack Strain

Sativa Super Skunk #1 Purple Kush
  • 17.7% THC
  • 0.3% CBD
  • 0.8% CBN
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Headache HEADACHE
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Pine PINE
medicinal use Earthy EARTHY
medicinal use Berry BERRY
medicinal use Energized ENERGIZED
medicinal use Euphoric EUPHORIC
medicinal use Aroused AROUSED

Don't let the name scare you: Green Crack is a quality cannabis strain known for its invigorating and uplifting high. Users regularly report feelings of happiness, creativity, arousal and inspiration when they smoke Green Crack.

Overview of Green Crack

This cracking strain formerly was known under the humble moniker "Cush" before Snoop Dogg sampled the strain. He smoked, he enjoyed, and the transition to "Green Crack" was complete. Smokers that sample Green Crack tend to agree with the hip hop and cannabis legend's assessment.

The strain is famous for its potent, positive and occasionally psychoactive high reminiscent of sativa strains. Green Crack varieties can possess THC from 13% to 24%. On average, most Green Crack strains sold will average between 16% and 17%. Both CBN and CBD content is very minimal.

Green Crack, however, still packs the punch of its indica genetics and demonstrates indica bud structure and potent scent. No matter what you want to call the strain, Green Crack is a prime wake-and-bake strain perfect for starting your day off right. When smoked, Green Crack tastes like a balance between sweetness, spice, and citrus. When cured correctly, Green Crack should smoke smoothly and linger with a slight tanginess.

Positive Effects of Green Crack

Common side effects include energy, happiness, creativity, and euphoria. Green Crack is known to induce an uplifted and trippy head high that can last for hours. Green Crack is also said to inspire creativity and focus, suitable for fueling daytime adventures and activities. If you're sticking around the house, Green Crack can enliven everyday tasks and chores.

Negative Effects of Green Crack

Users may experience excessive dry mouth and dry eyes. For some users, or those that smoke too much, Green Crack's cerebral high can foster paranoia, panic or anxiety. Overconsumption can also lead to headaches. The strain's strong cerebral effects render it an energizing daytime smoke and uncomfortably wired nighttime smoke.

Often, users that smoke too much Green Crack before going to bed combat a sharp sense of energy and focus instead of fatigue.

Lineage of Green Crack

The famous weed strain has a contested genetic origin story. It's said that there are two possible genetic lines for the strain, one sativa-dominant and one indica-dominant. The sativa line originates from Skunk #1, a sweet hybrid bred from Afghani, Mexican, and Colombian landrace strains. It's said that the sativa-dominant strain was bred in Athens, Georgia in the 1970's. The indica-dominant strain descends from an Afghani strain. Growers and consumers can identify the indica-heavy strain by its tighter structure. No matter which genetic version you may end up with, Green Crack promises to deliver a potent high.

Growing Green Crack

When it comes to growing Green Crack, both indoor and outdoor environments can develop high yield. This mighty strain can produce grows as tall as 65 inches (5.5 feet). Cultivating Green Crack outdoors, however, can produce taller plants. The average Green Crack strain has a 65-day (7-9 weeks) flowering time. The average yield of Green Crack is around 20 ounces. Due to this strain's sensitivity to mildew, ideal growing environments tend to have low humidity levels.

Buds tend to be dense and compact. Leaves can be either yellow or light green and, depending on grow environments, Green Crack nugs can possess purple streaks. Burnt orange colored-hairs streak throughout the flower. Notably, silky-white trichomes coat the bud, seemingly causing it to glitter.

Where to Find Green Crack

Since receiving the smoke of approval from Snoop Dogg, the Green Crack marijuana strain has increased in popularity in cannabis users across the US. The energizing strain is popular all throughout California, Washington, Oregon, and beyond the west coast in Michigan and Canada.

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