Your Guide to 9 Marijuana Pipes and Smoking Devices

marijuana one hitter

While it is essential always to have a stash of weed around, it is just as important to have a quality marijuana pipe on deck. Without a way to puff down, the fire bud won’t be worth much. Lucky for consumers, there are numerous marijuana smoking devices to choose from on the market today. From a straight-tube bong to a one-hitter, the different marijuana pipe names can be a bit much to remember. Have no fear; here is a guide to all the marijuana pipe names, slang, and smoking devices on the market.

Different Marijuana Pipe Names

marijuana pipe bong outlines

Even when just smoking weed there are a multitude of different pipes that can get the job done. Some are more portable and discreet, while others pack a mighty hit and are best for chilling on the couch. Many consumers tend to use a variety of different marijuana pipes, but everyone has their favorites. The overall outcome, regardless of the pipe, is always a stellar high!


A one-hitter is the name of a smaller marijuana pipe that many new and on-the-go consumers enjoy. It is usually a metal or glass tube with a small bowl on the end. Some even come designed as a cigarette to add additional discretion.

A standard ancillary tool for a one-hitter is a dugout. It is excellent for a busy day and provides a smaller hit, which is excellent for micro-dosing.


The chillum is very similar to a one-hitter but tends to be a bit bigger. A chillum is another great marijuana pipe for beginners and provides a small hit compared to other pipes.  Anyone who enjoys a light hit or is looking to conserve weed should try out a chillum. On a side note, most chillums will not fit in a dugout. They are a bit wider and have a larger tube to build up more smoke.


One of the more common and popular marijuana pipes is the bowl. A bowl is a glass, silicone, or metal pipe that is great for a light smoke session or midday break. They are larger than a chillum, and instead of the bowl on the tip of the pipe, it is on the top of the pipe with a tube leading to the mouthpiece. It tends to hold a decent amount of weed and usually takes a few hits to clear. A bowl comes in a variety of sizes, and each is great for certain occasions.

  • Mini Bowl
  • Normal Bowl
  • Party Bowl

Steam Roller

A steam roller is not as popular as it once but it sure does provide a mighty hit. It is a glass tube that is about as wide as a toilet paper roll. The tube is completely hollow with both ends open, and a bowl for the weed sits on top of the pipe. To use; pack the bowl with weed and place one end to on the mouth. Cover the opposite end with the other hand and spark the weed. Allow for the tube to fill with smoke, release the other hand, and inhale.

Steam rollers are not for the weak-hearted stoners. It is a hard hit which can be tough on the throat and cause a coughing fit. Regardless, it is a fun and classic pipe to smoke!


The bubbler is a unique marijuana pipe, and its name says it all. It is a blend between the classic water bong and a bowl. All bubblers have a mouthpiece, stem, water chamber, and bowl. Most are made out of glass, but there are a few silicone bubblers on the market. Bubblers are the closest consumers can get to a portable bong. The smoke still filters through the water chamber to provide a smoother hit, but it is not quite as smooth as an actual bong. Nevertheless, it is excellent for those who enjoy a big hit but don’t want to lug around a glass bong.

  • Hammer Bubbler
  • Sherlock Bubbler
  • Pendant Bubbler
  • Sidecar Bubbler
  • Double Bubbler
  • Concentrate Bubbler

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Straight-Tube Bong

The straight-tube bong is the most basic bong on the market and one of the classic designs. For those who don’t know, a bong is a large water pipe that filters the smoke through the water chamber and straight up to the mouthpiece. It is often made from glass, silicone, or even plastic back in the day. It is not the smoothest hitting bong, but it does pack a big hit.

Beaker Bong

A beaker bong is similar to the straight-tube bong, but instead of a straight tube, it has a beaker bottom for the water chamber. Not only does a beaker bong provide a larger hit, but it allows for more filtration due to a larger surface area of water. The beaker bong is suitable for seasoned consumers who enjoy getting nice and baked.

Percolator Bong

The most popular and common type of bong on the market today is the percolator bong. The percolator bong comes in all different sizes, and each provides a unique smoking experience. Overall, a percolator bong is a water pipe that filters the smoke through multiple slits or holes to give a smooth and crisp hit. Percolators can be simple or rather complicated. The rise of the percolator bong has drawn more and more glass blowers to develop crazy scientific glass pieces.

  • Downstem Percolator
  • Honeycomb Percolator
  • Showerhead Percolator
  • Matrix Percolator

Dab Rig

A dab rig is one of the newer marijuana pipes on the market. It is similar to a water pipe, particularly a bong, except it is for cannabis concentrates, otherwise known as dabs.  A dab rig looks like a bong and is usually made of glass or silicone. The difference between a dab rig and a bong is that a rig does not have a downstem, and instead of a bowl/slide it has a glass, ceramic, or titanium nail. Dab rigs commonly have percolators in the pipe as well to help filter the smoke. To use a dab rig, consumers do need a few ancillary tools.

Nectar Collector/ Honey Straw

Another relatively new marijuana pipe available to consumers is the nectar collector or honey straw. It is another pipe used for cannabis concentrates except far simpler. A honey straw is a straight tube of hollow glass with a finer tip on one end. Consumers must heat the finer end of the glass straw with a torch and then touch that end to the concentrates while inhaling from the other end.

It is not the smoothest hitting marijuana pipe, but it gets the job done without lugging around a large rig. Be sure to not put the straw directly over the top of the concentrates. Touch the straw to the bottom of the surface and drag along the bottom until the desired hit is obtained.

Other Marijuana Smoking Devices

The above list of marijuana pipe names is a reliable guide for consumers who do not know where to start. While marijuana pipes are the primary way of smoking weed and concentrates, there are a few of other smoking devices available to consumers.

  • Vaporizer ? Vaporizes instead of combusting the cannabis to make for a cleaner hit and high
  • Electric Rig ? A portable rig that uses an electric coil to heat the nail rather than a torch.
  • Vape Pen ? A portable pen that vapes either concentrates, flower, or both.

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