What’s a One Hitter?

One Hitter Pipe
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For those unfamiliar with this particular brand of smoking lingo, a one hitter is a type of marijuana smoking device (a pipe) designed to give you maximum satisfaction in a discreet, dosable form. It’s a small contraption with a narrow bowl made to be used (as the name suggests) with a single hit. Take one huff, then repack and pass.

Let's discuss this phenomenon of microdosing and how one hitters can knock getting high out of the park.

What Is a One Hitter?

One hitters, like most pipes, work by heating up cannabis in a bowl to allow the user to inhale the fumes to get high. In this case, though, the bowl is small and contains a microdose, usually around 25 mg of weed, like blue dream. It might be small, but it sure is mighty.

One hitters can be made from all types of materials, ranging from metals to plastics to bone, acrylic, and aluminum, among others. Sometimes they have unique features built in, like a grinder or lighter chamber. However, they’re nearly always small enough to fit easily in a shirt pocket. Replace that close-chested Big League Chew with a one hitter and you won't be sorry.

The design of a one-hitter is often small and sleek, similar to a cigarette, and it sometimes comes with a wooden case, known as a dugout. The dugout contains two compartments—one to store the weed supply, the other to store the pipe. Sometimes the pipe is called a bat, just to go along with the clever baseball analogies.

Use It Right

Thankfully, one-hitter pipes are intuitive and user-friendly. They are simple to learn to use with your favorite cannabis strain. It’s this easy:

The process is incredibly straightforward, but there are some tips to keep in mind. For example, inhaling slowly and evenly will help you avoid getting a mouthful of ash, as will avoiding grinding the cannabis too finely. Next, packing the one hitter upside down then twisting the pipe a few times will help the hit last longer. Last, keep the one hitter clean to eliminate gross, ashy build up and to ensure a smoother experience each time.

Types of One Hitters

There are several traditional types of one hitters to be on the lookout for. Each brings their own unique flair and style into the smoking habit and has had a lasting effect on how one hitters are used, shaped, and designed today. One hitters have been around for centuries, combining efficiency with moderation to create a timeless smoking tool.


Made in Morocco, the sebsi is a one hitter with a wooden stem and clay bowl that can be up to 18 inches long.


Traditionally used to smoke a mix of herbs and tobacco, the midwakh is a Middle Eastern one hitter made from a variety of possible materials, like glass, metal, bone, or wood.


This traditional Japanese one hitter was created out of metal and bamboo and its use has been recorded in Buddhist textbooks as early as the 17th century.


Since the 18th century, chillums have been used by Hindu monks. Chillums are made of clay and have a straight design.

Get in On the One-Hit Wonder

Marijuana Bud
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Don't sleep on this sweet, slender pipe: one hitters have a ton of benefits. Some smokers rely completely on their one hitters and don't even consider going back to traditional, wider-style pipes. Why?

To begin with, one hitters are discreet. You can slip one of these bad boys easily in a pocket, purse, sock—you name it. Besides being extremely easy to transport, no one will notice when they are taken out and quickly used. Additionally, they look similar to a cigarette, so any cannabis-related stigmas are thrown out (though there might be some tobacco ones inserted instead). In places with strict legalization laws, one hitters are a way to get your toke on without being too obvious.

One hitters also don't smell as strongly. They produce less odor than other smoking methods because most of the smoke goes into the user's lungs rather than into the surrounding air. At the very least, non-weed lovers won't be edging away, complaining of a strong skunky stench.

Perhaps most importantly, one hitters save money. That's right: by conserving the cannabis supply, users are (a) not using as much cannabis at once, which leads to (b) less weed being wasted and (c) less weed being bought. Users are hitting all of the weed they are burning, which guarantees satisfaction and limits excess to none.

Where to Find a One Hitter

One hitters are all over the place. Find a dispensary near you on Leafbuyer to find your ideal one hitter match. When in doubt, ask your local budtender which one hitter pipes they enjoy best, and try one out for yourself.

Pack, puff (just once!), and enjoy.