Top 5 Discrete Smoking Devices for 2017

Social smokers know that being discrete is an artform. Developing legalization laws can make it tricky to know where to indulge. But you’ve brushed up on your state’s marijuana legalization and public consumption laws, and now are looking for a few pieces that don’t draw too much attention to yourself. Whether you’re smoking on the go or just feel like being more subtle with your paraphernalia, we’ve got some suggestions for you. This unofficial list of discrete smoking devices is ranked by price and all chosen pieces have passed one crucial test: they can fit the palm of a hand.

Here’s our round-up of our top five discreet smoking devices:

1) Elevate Mile High Mini Pipe – $30

Mile High Mini Pipe discrete smoking devicesDon’t let the name fool you – this one hitter packs more than just one punch. The Elevate Mini Hitter Pipe boasts of a triple pinched bowl that can contain four to five hits, if fully packed. After loaded, a wooden tip (available in two different varieties) locks onto the glass. The pipe should be easy to deconstruct and clean; Elevate claims the wood will not need any additional oils. The one-hitter is favored for its modest price range, quality components, and compact, 3-inch length.

2) The Piece Pipe – $38.25

discreet smoking devicesThis high-grade, metal pipe is perfect for a smoker on the go or the friendly stoner that’s always prepared for a social session. The discreet, portable pipe can attach to your keys and is easy to deconstruct and clean. The three-piece device has a click mode for smoking and an odor-free setting for when you put your piece aside.

There’s also a secret stash chamber to hold extra herb. To clean, the pipe can be disassembled and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. The piece pipe comes in two colors – brass or chrome – and is a perfect gift for your friends (or yourself).

3) Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizer Pen – $99.95

discreet smoking devicesThe pen has been praised by the Cannabist as an entry-level vaporizer perfect for introducing concentrate novices to dabs. The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a polished, portable pen made out of three units: the atomizer, battery unit, and mouthpiece. For casual smokers looking for a less-intense concentrate experience than traditional rigs, the Aurora is an ideal compromise. The pen’s has three calibrated heat settings, snaptech magnetics that keep the pen assemble, and three unique atomizers to tailor your concentrate to. Experienced users recommend the Aurora pen for light users or quick, casual puffs.

4) The Titanium Grasshopper – $250

titanium grasshopper discrete smoking devicesThe Titanium Grasshopper has quickly gained a reputation as a high-end, smooth and slick smoking pen perfect for discreet use – down to the details. The Grasshopper has a solid, titanium construction in addition to features like a magnetic USB charger, LED, and on-off settings spurned by the click of the pen. The pen is also easy to use and is loaded by simply unscrewing the tip and loading the chamber with herb. The Grasshopper’s strong heater is both a draw and drawback for consumers, as the short vapor path intensifies the heat and can cultivate a harsher hit. Overall, the stylish design and powerful heater make the Grasshopper an ideal purchase for the discreet smoker with some money to blow.

5) PAX 3 – $274.99

The new generation of vaporizer from beloved PAX Labs is here: the PAX 3. Cannabis connoisseurs like The Cannabist staff contend that the palm-sized device “flirts with portable vape perfection” for both concentrate and herb smokers. The vaporizer now comes with a hash oil insert and the heater is twice as powerful as its predecessor. The PAX 3 claims that it can deliver pure vapor within 15 seconds and, subsequently, instant heat-ups. The vaporizer even has an app associated with the product that can change the color of LED lights, alert users to when the device is ready, and cool down the pen.