Common Legal Marijuana Misconceptions

Legal Marijuana Laws

There are an extensive amount of laws regarding cannabis consumption. There are rules about where you can smoke, when you can smoke, whether or not you can get fired for using medical marijuana, and so much more. Each state with legal marijuana is a little bit different, but the rules are general similar. If you want your spring and summer seasons to be laid back and trouble free, here’s a few things you should know. Avoiding these most common mistakes will save you a lot of time as well as some money on hefty fines.


Recreational cannabis has been sweeping across the country. From the West coast (Washington, Oregon, etc.) to the East coast (Maine, Massachusetts), numerous states now allow adults aged 21 and over to use and possess cannabis. Under each state law, the passage of these legalization measures came with a lot of do’s and dont’s. The do’s are pretty straightforward. As long as you know your rights, you’ll have a fine time with recreational cannabis in your state.

Consume marijuana at home. Each and every state allows adults over the age of 21 to possess and use cannabis and cannabis products within the confines of their home, as long as it is stored properly and not used around children.

Gift weed to friends. You are totally allowed to carry, give away, and accept free-of-charge cannabis. You can generally gift up to an ounce of dried flower, or up to 8 grams of dabs.

Grow your own. You can grow a limited number of plants in most states. Residents in Washington state, however, are not allowed to grow their own pot, so be sure to take a deeper look into what is and isn’t legal in your recreational state. Still, in most states, growing cannabis in an enclosed or very discreet location is allowed, and you can keep and use whatever you grow.

Petition for criminals. If you or someone you know was picked up for cannabis, you can petition the court systems to have criminal records and jail sentences changed. In some cases, you can get cannabis-related felonies converted into simple misdemeanors and some misdemeanors let go altogether.


In most states, the rules are pretty simple: don’t smoke in public, avoid driving high, etc. However, it’s important to know the specifics, that way you can always make the right decisions to avoid trouble this spring.

Smoke weed in public. You are not allowed to smoke anywhere except for your home, or in some cases, cannabis clubs. Public consumption is banned across all recreational states. There are a few gray areas in the law, though, which is why we have so many dab lounges and 420 clubs. Avoid smoking anywhere near schools, churches, public transportation, hospitals, and public parks. Keep it in your house. Some states are okay with you smoking on your porch as long as you’re discreet. It’s fun to smoke before most actviities, but it isn’t worth getting a public intoxication charge or a misdemeanor.

Drive high. Drive high and get a DUI in just about every state with recreational (and medical) marijuana. You can’t keep cannabis in your car unless it is sealed and in the trunk. Drugged driving laws still apply to cannabis and like alcohol, you can’t have an open container in your car. You really don’t want to get your license taken away. Put the keys down and order some pizza.

Go to work stoned. Some employers are 420 friendly, but most are not. Going to work high can result in you getting fired from your job, and it can imply that you drove to work high, so just avoid that situation altogether. If you’re looking for a job in Colorado, check out our overview of Marijuana in the Colorado Workplace.

Overall, as long as you mind your business and use your common sense, you won’t have any issues with the police when the weather gets nice. If you’re really curious about what you can and can’t do, be sure to look up the local laws. NORML is a great tool for looking at specific information relating to your state. Knowing your rights and what you can/cannot do will make your life so much easier!