Don’t Waste Weed – Suggestions for Rolling and Smoking Joints

person rolls joint tightly to not waste weed

Within the cannabis community, there’s an age-old debate scouring the depths of internet forums and plaguing basement smoke sessions: do joints waste weed? 

Those who claim that joints waste weed have a strong argument, stating that joints are constantly burning, even when they aren't being hit. It's lit, and stays lit, regardless of there being a mouth around to inhale. This differs from a bowl, which is typically split until it stops burning, resulting in less time that the marijuana isn't being smoked. Joints can also burn up fast and can be hard for the consumer to catch up. 

Pro-jointers have good points, too. Among them, this logic: The joint isn't just burning weed, it's also burning paper. Therefore, the trail of smoke – often thicker than a bowl's – isn't just marijuana up in flames and is deceptive.  

So, what's the answer? Are joints forever wasting weed, or are they just as sustainable as any other smoking method? Unfortunately, the official research and studies testing cannabis wastefulness have not come to fruition. For now, a simple scientific method has supplied a temporary result. 

The verdict: Yesjoints are admittedly a little wasteful. But not considerably more than any other smoking method. 

Joints aren't alone in being a little on the inefficient side. If too cumbersome, the best approach is to try to eliminate cannabis waste head-on, with rolling techniques or other smoking devices. 

Don’t Waste Weed: Get the Most Out of Your Joint

The key to having an efficient joint is to make the burn slower while lasting longer. This extends the life of a joint and gives the smoker time to savor all of it, without wasting weed.  

Here are some tips: 

Grind your weed.

Finely ground cannabis achieves both an even burn and a longer lasting smoke. Use a grinder to achieve separation (not too powdery) for the ultimate rolling experience. Bonus: be sure your grinder size fits the joint—too big of a chamber will leave extra lying around, a wasteful practice.  

Pick the right paper.

There are tons of rolling paper options out there and choosing a high-quality product will extend the life of your joint, eliminating weed waste. Investing in the best rolling papers will save consumers in the long run. 

Use several sheets.

While it might seem counter-intuitive to use more product to conserve, using more than one rolling sheet is a good approach. An extra paper can prevent burn runs while helping to contain the airflow, which both create an even and slow burn. 

Roll tight.

Paper rolling, considered an art in many canna-circles, is one of the most important provisions in joint sustainability. It has to be tight, but not too restrictive to cause paper splitting. A tightly rolled joint controls airflow, which ensures a tight and even burn. Wasting weed is not a problem with a perfect roll. 

Roll big. Sometimes, rolling big joints is the way to go. Your smoke session will last longer, giving you the chance to use up the weed with limited excess.   

Another Method to Explore

If the joint seems like you might waste weed, there are alternative options that are more conservative. Among the most popular – and sustainable – methods is vaping; this method lets the consumer be in total control of how much and how often cannabis is used. Vaping eliminates the concern of a lasting stream of smoke. 

Take comfort in the simple truth about joints: While they might be slowly wasting weed, they aren't substantially worse than other smoking options. Alternative solutions, plus surefire joint tips, exist to prevent cannabis excess for your ease of mind.