Why is a Carb Cap Essential for Dabbing?

dab tool and shatter

Cannabis concentrates are in high demand due to their high concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes. Dabbing is a popular method of consuming cannabis extracts that involves placing a small "dab" of concentrate on a heated nail. This method may detract first-time users due to the number of parts needed and use of a blowtorch, but dabbing is well worth the effort. Dabbing delivers a unique and potent experience for a variety of consumers.

Dab rigs have gone through many iterations, from traditional domed rigs to domeless electric dab rigs. These dabbing tools enable recreational and medical cannabis consumers to consume potent concentrates that can satisfy even the heaviest user. Carb caps help dabbers get the most out of their experience. Not only do they enable users to take low-temperature dabs, but they also help them use their product in a cost-effective manner. With a carb cap, you can heat your favorite extract consistency to the ideal i00-400 degree Fahrenheit range to reap maximum effects.

What's A Carb Cap?

Carb caps are a unique style of carburetors that are meant for domeless dab rigs of any size. Carb caps are made of heat-resistant material and act as a lid on a cooking pot. Every carb cap contains at least one small opening to direct the outside air inside the domeless nail. Carb caps can be made of glass, titanium, ceramic, quartz, and silicone, all of which can withstand high temperatures. Carb caps come in all shapes and sizes with many customization options, but each variation serves one purpose: to create a perfect mix of air and vapor within the nail chamber.

After heating a domeless nail with a blowtorch, users will place a small dab on the nail and cover it with a carb cap to create a vacuum. This vacuum lowers the air pressure inside the nail and contains all of the vapor from the heat. Users can adjust, rotate, or swivel the cap to direct airflow around their nail. When they want to inhale, users remove the cap. Carb caps produce a cleaner and more flavorful draw because they can maintain a consistent and low temperature to activate cannabinoids and terpenes. When you use a carb cap, you're not burning off as many aromatic terpenes compared with high temperature dabbing without a cap.

Do You Really Need It?

Without a carb cap, cannabis concentrates can lose their flavor, or worse, go to waste. High-temperature dabbers know the effect of overheating certain types of nail substances. Quartz nails can go through a process called devitrification if you torch your nail too much. Too much heat can cause your nail to weaken and break easier. Scorching hot nails can also burn your product too quickly leaving charred reclaim at the bottom of your nail that's difficult to clean.

Carb caps are affordable enough to replace them when one breaks or to buy multiple ones for different uses. Carb caps also enable you to dab at lower temperatures since the carb cap lowers the air pressure inside your nail chamber, thereby, lowering the boiling point needed to vaporize your concentrates. You can take low temp dabs without a cap, but you run the risk of leaving behind extract at the bottom of your dish if your nail cools down too quickly.

What Are The Different Types?

Carb caps can be made of a variety of heat-resistant materials. When choosing which carb cap to buy, ensure that you select the appropriate size to cover your specific nail. Depending on the type of nail you have, you may require a specific type of carb cap to cover it. Additionally, carb caps can perform different functions to not let any concentrate go to waste. The following are the different types of carb caps you will encounter:

  • Flat Carb Cap: This cap is ideal for flat and beveled bangers and trough nails.
  • Carb Cap and Dabber Combination: These carb caps have long stems that can pick up sap, shatter, budder, crumble, and oils.
  • Bubble Carb Cap: This type of directional carb cap has a hollow stem and sphere. This type is ideal for banger nails. The shorter end of the stem goes into the nail chamber. You can rotate it to direct the air to specific areas.
  • Puddle Pusher Carb Cap: This type of directional carb cap has a small and narrow end that goes into the nail. You can swivel the cap to get the corners where you concentrate can build up.
  • Universal Carb Cap: These carb caps have a hollow dome to fit any style of nail including castle-style nails and e-nails.

When looking for a carb cap to buy, there are countless options with plenty of room for customization. Depending on your specific dab rig setup, you will need a specific carb cap. For example, bubble carb caps can are meant for bangers with flat tops. It's spherical design enables dabbers to direct the airflow seamlessly and without burning themselves.

Carb caps also come in many themes and designs to suit your personality. First-time users may also notice that carb caps come in dab rig combos. You might need to shop around and try many caps to determine which one works best for you. It's tempting to use any household item like a silicon container or grinder as a carb cap when you don't have one, but nothing will beat a dedicated carb cap.