A Marijuana Smoking Subscription Box Normalizes Marijuana

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In many parts of the United States, as well as the majority of the world, cannabis is still illegal. Despite that fact, marijuana has made it into the mainstream. With marijuana-infused beauty products, marijuana smoking subscription boxes, and marijuana-themed clothing, marijuana is expanding into tons of different markets. In 2018, Pew found that the majority of U.S. citizens are in favor of legalization in some form or another. This conundrum has many cannabis advocates and enthusiasts confused, but we'll break down a few ways marijuana has become a huge part of society while somehow still remaining largely illegal.

Research Helps Marijuana’s Legitimacy

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With medical and recreational legislation passing more widely, research studies are popping up across the United States. Now that the government is easing up a bit on who can study the plant and what they can do, studies are being done by highly respected institutions such as the NIH and UCLA Health. The early research suggests marijuana may have benefits beyond a high, and there are more studies just getting started.

Along with research suggesting benefits, other studies are helping disprove the myths the "Reefer Madness" era spread like wildfire. Studies are suggesting that the “marijuana as a gateway drug” theory is not true. As Vice stated: “In terms of marijuana’s specific correlation with other drug use, slightly less than half of Americans over 12 have tried marijuana, while less than 15 percent have taken cocaine and less than 2 percent used heroin, according to the latest National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health.” Though correlation does not equal causation, if marijuana was a strong gateway drug, the numbers would be more closely correlated.

The Power of Pop Culture

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References to marijuana in the mainstream are more common now than ever. Music is one common outlet where cannabis is often mentioned and has been for quite some time. Dating all the way back to the 1920s, and possibly even earlier, musicians have been inspired by the plant. From hip-hop to EDM, and even chart-topping songs and artists will drop the names of our favorite strains or just make a subtle nod to lighting up.

Movie and television studios have begun taking weed more seriously too. Major motion pictures like "Pineapple Express," a full-length feature film about the wild antics of a stoner and his dealer, drew the attention of massive studios, eventually landing at Sony Pictures with a budget of $27 Million.

With marijuana taking center stage on the big screen, the small screen has followed suit. HBO, Netflix, and Vice have all waded into the waters of weed with both fiction and non-fiction work. Some sitcoms like Netflix's "Disjointed" have come under some heat for their portrayal of weed smokers, but nevertheless content continues to come out. Other shows like Vice's "Bong Appetit" create fully infused fine dining experiences with renowned chefs and smokers alike.

Increased Product Availability

Daily High Club smoking subscription box Tommy Chong Box

Aside from the fact that information is more widely available, smoking products are also much more mainstream. With the popularity of subscription services in industries like food, skin care, and pet care, Daily High Club has brought the platform to the smoking community with the best marijuana smoking subscription boxes.

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