Everything You Could Ever Want to Know About Wax

There are hundreds of ways to get high beyond smoking flower, and concentrates are quickly becoming the most popular method. However, we’re going to go in depth about wax specifically. It’s a more powerful way to get high, and it’s one of the strongest forms of marijuana on the market. Before you try it, you should understand a little more about what it’s like to smoke it along with some other fun facts. If concentrates are already your thing, you may learn something new! Let’s dive in:

What is Wax?

Wax is a powerful form of concentrated marijuana that will give you a quicker, stronger, and (in most cases) cleaner high, making it highly popular for use among seniors and medical marijuana consumers, as well as the average highly tolerant run of the mill stoner. It’s known by a lot of names, but no matter where you go, people will know what you mean when you ask for wax. In some places, it’s called ear wax because of the light yellow or orange waxy appearance.

To use wax you must dab it, which is the process of heating up a nail and vaporizing the concentrate. It can also be called BHO (which stands for butane hash oil or butane honey oil) because of the way wax is produced.

Wax is produced by extracting THC from cannabis plant material. The cannabis flowers of trichome covered trimmings are put into a long tube or pipe which is then blasted with butane gas. The butane extracts the THC from the organic plant material which is then separated. Finally, the extraction specialist will purge the butane solvent and the final product is wax. If you’ve ever made your own hash from your own weed at home, consider it a similar process, but a lot more complicated.

As you may have already guessed, you’ll be paying for the potency since wax is more expensive than flower. You can pick up a gram of weed in Denver for anywhere between 8 and 15 dollars, while wax will cost you anywhere between 20 and 75 dollars per gram. However, it’s more bang for your buck as far as potency goes since you’ll be using a lot less wax at a time and a gram of wax will go a lot further than a gram of flower.

Why is Wax Popular?

The reason people turn to wax instead of smoking flower or eating edibles is due largely to one reason: the potency. Dabbing wax is more powerful than regular flower.

Not too long ago, Fox Los Angeles took a look into why marijuana wax was trending, and while they checked out a few medical dispensaries, they found that most of the wax was over 80% pure THC, which of course can be credited to the butane extraction process during the creation process. This strength packs a wallop, and results in a much quicker and much stronger high. Wax dabs are just one form of the most powerful marijuana on the market today.

A few years back, High Times took a look into wax when it was first trending, and asked marijuana critic William Breathes if wax was more potent than hash and traditional flower. He told High Times “When you look at the percentage of cannabinoids per weight, it seems you’re pulling out more THC with butane than with ice water”, so in layman’s terms, yes. It’s a lot more potent than hash, which was previously the champion of potency. If you don’t believe me, check out this guy doing a 3 gram dab, which is way WAY too big for beginners. By the end of the video this fella is torched, but totally okay. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty funny. You can follow his channel here if you want to get some insight on great tasting dabs.

What is the High Like?

At this point, anyone you strike up a conversation with in Colorado will have plenty to say on about concentrates. Most are elated with the way wax makes them feel, and others are a little bit afraid of them. Don’t get me wrong; it’s cannabis. It won’t kill you or make you sick no matter how much you smoke, but smokers anxiety is something to be mindful of.

Your first wax dab will be a moment you will never forget, but odds are you won’t remember all the details. Your first dab comes with a very intense feeling that reminds me of the very first time I ever got stoned. I don’t mean the first time you ever smoked, but the first time you ever got stupid high – the munchies, the couch locked feeling, the giggle fits, all of it. If you smoke flower exclusively right now and think your tolerance is through the roof, you’ll be excited to see that there’s still something stronger out there that will put you down. However, it can still be overwhelming to a newcomer which is why it’s important to start small, like you would with edibles. I always recommend something smaller than a tic tac for your first one, and even smaller still if you don’t smoke heavily every day.

You can expect to taste a ton of flavor, since the extraction process brings out the terpene profiles. Some dabs taste just like candy or fruit, which makes the high all the more exciting. You’ll also realize that dab vapor is a lot different than smoke from cannabis flowers. It’s going to pack a punch on your lungs, so try not to hold it in more than a couple of seconds. You’re going to cough either way, but exhaling and doing low-temperature dabs will ease the amount you cough.

You can also expect what people call the dab sweats because you’ve just coughed up a lung. Besides the coughing, the dab sweats are a side effect of dabbing. The sweats happen because you cough and your body just burned a lot of calories on the coughing fit you experienced, so be sure to stay hydrated while dabbing.

Where to Find Wax

Wax can be found pretty much everywhere you can buy weed. Whether you’re a medical consumer or a recreational consumer, you’ll be able to find high-quality wax. Just about every medical marijuana dispensary will carry wax because medical marijuana cardholders who require larger doses of THC will be able to consumer marijuana more efficiently by using concentrates. Some medical marijuana consumers who need cannabis also build up a tolerance after a while and find themselves needing a stronger high, making wax a more cost efficient and palpable method consumption. As for the recreational users, wax provides an elevated experience when compared to traditional flower.

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