All About Dabs: How Do They Make You Feel?

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Getting baked is not quite as simple as it used to be, or is it?

Well, dabbing concentrates sure is more of a process but dabbing is definitely the fastest way to get high. Smoking a joint provides a creeping high that isn’t always noticeable right away. While dabbing is relatively new to the average consumer, it is quickly taking its place as a popular marijuana consumption method. Nevertheless, many new or old-school consumers don’t always understand the potency of concentrates.

It’s common for someone to wonder, how strong are dabs?

The Potency of Dabs

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Dabs are another term for cannabis concentrates. Concentrates are a cannabinoid extract from the marijuana plant. While some concentrates contain various cannabinoids, most are high in THC content. When looking at the potency of a dab compared to cannabis flower, the difference is drastic and unexpected by many consumers.

Average THC Potency of Marijuana Products:

  • Cannabis Flower: 10% to 30% THC
  • Hash: 30% to 60% THC
  • Concentrates: 60% to 99% THC

Modern Potencies

Back in the day, old-school hashish was the most potent product available, and it was lucky to get above 30% THC. Over the years, the potency of marijuana, in general, has skyrocketed as quality genetics came to light. The focus on THC caused growers to breed genetics that maximize THC content; hence, why a majority of strains today hit above 18% THC.

With such a low expectation for potency from old-school products, it is no shocker that many consumers still wonder how strong are dabs? Sure, they can look at the testing label and see that the dab is probably around 70% THC or higher. Even with knowing the exact potency of a dab, new consumers can’t comprehend how strong dabs are until they try it.

What’s It Like Taking a Dab?

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Dabbing is a bit of an intimidating process to new consumers. It requires a fair amount of dab tools and doesn’t exactly look safe. The most common method of dabbing is by using a dab rig and a torch. In a gist, consumers heat the dab nail with a torch and drop the concentrates on the nail once it’s hot. They cover it with a carb cap and begin inhaling. At this point, consumers can probably answer the question “how strong are dabs?” for themselves. Strong!

The sensation of taking a dab is relatively powerful and can be too much for many consumers. Think about it; inhaling a dab is nearly quadruple the amount of THC as smoking a bowl. It hits the body fast and kicks in immediately. While the dabs tend to taste phenomenal, most consumers tend to cough rather heavily after taking a dab. It requires a big hit and tends to produce a lot of smoke. For this reason, it is a good rule of thumb to start small and work up to a larger dab.

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Big Clouds, Big Coughs

Even seasoned consumers can’t help but cough when taking a dab. It is just that heavy of a hit. However, some believe dabbing is a bit better on the lungs considering it is a vapor that does not have excess plant material. While some believe the hit is better for our lungs than smoking a joint, it still causes some consumers to cough uncontrollably.

Due to the big hit and heavy coughing, it is common for consumers to get hot right after taking a dab. Some even sweat after taking a dab because it kicks in that quickly and is that potent. There are testimonies of consumers not enjoying the potency of a dab and feeling like the high is too much for them. For this reason, dabbing is not for new consumers and is best for consumers with a high tolerance.

Nevertheless, there are a few different methods of dabbing that are more appealing to newer consumers, and can all be found at the dispensary.

Other, More Appealing Ways to Dab Concentrates

affordable weed vaporizer
Portable marijuana vaporizer
There are a few different ways to dab that make it more discreet and less intimidating. New consumers tend to dislike the intensity of dabbing with a rig, and some do not trust themselves to portion out the correct size dab. Luckily, there are a few different ways to dab, as well as ancillary dab tools, that make dabbing more appealing.

    • Vape Pens
    • Disposable Vape Pens
    • Electronic Rigs

In particular, vape pens are an increasingly popular way for consumers to introduce themselves to dabbing. Vape pens are discreet, easy to use, require fewer tools, and provide a smoother hit. New consumers enjoy the smooth process of dabbing with a vape pen and tend to enjoy the lighter hit. While a vape pen is not as heavy of a high as dabbing with a rig, it still shows just how strong dabs are!

Potential Cons of Dabbing

Dabbing is a great way to get baked and serves quite the purpose for many medical marijuana patients. It is an extremely potent product but still does not beat out an infused-edible for many. While dabbing is a fast-acting high, there are a few potential health risks or cons involved with dabs:

  • Concentrates contain residual solvents which have unknown effects on consumers.
  • Concentrates are high in THC which can heighten anxiety and paranoia.
  • Dabbing causes intense coughing which could create stress on our bodies.
  • Dabbing is more expensive and increases consumer's tolerance.
  • Concentrates create a high tolerance that consumers have difficulty keeping up with.
  • High potency products are relatively new and not studied.

For these reasons, some consumers do not have any desire to smoke down on cannabis concentrates. Granted, it is a fully regulated and highly tested marijuana product that serves a purpose for many consumers.

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