Know Your Cannabinoids: CBG vs. CBD

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If you've spent any amount of time on the internet, browsing through health food stores, or even passing wellness communities from a distance, there's a pretty high chance you've heard of CBD.

Here's a brief recap: CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found both in cannabis and in industrial hemp plants. It's a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that consumers associate with several benefits, and can be extracted and used in products like tinctures, edibles, and creams.

While CBD is the latest craze, it's worth it to ask another question: what about CBG? If you haven't heard of it, it's definitely something to look into, as it's thought to further boost the benefits of CBD when used alongside it. Steve’s Goods, the first retailer of CBG products, is a good place to start.

What is CBG?

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Cannabigerol, known as CBG, is an active compound found within cannabis and hemp plants. It's a cannabinoid — one of about 80 in existence that are unique to these plants. Cannabinoids are thought to have receptors that interact with the receptors within the human body — the endocannabinoid system — and have different effects on the nervous system and brain.

The best-known cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Each has different benefits — getting high, for example, is a trait of THC rather than CBD — but operate within the same system.

CBG is another cannabinoid on the forefront of cannabis research, though it does not have a large presence in most marijuana strains. So far, advancements are being made to identify the possible benefits of the compound. Recent research also suggests CBG is likely the "stem cell" or parent for both CBD and THC, according to Zamnesia. This might mean that CBD and THC start out as CBG before morphing into their final cannabinoid form.

Science on CBD

On the scientific end of things, CBG is non-intoxicating and shows up in extremely low levels in the cannabis plant — typically less than 1 percent. As the chemical parent of CBD and THC, CBG contains something called CBGA (cannabigerolic acid). In the cannabis plant, there are thought to be enzymes that transform CBGA into either CBD or THC, through light or heat energy conversion.

There are several potential medical benefits of CBG, suggested by new developments in research. Working directly with the body's endocannabinoid system, CBG is thought to work as an antibacterial agent, it is thought to be linked to aiding in decreasing inflammation in animals with inflammatory bowel disease, and a recent study suggests that when CBG is used for cachexia (the severe weight loss symptom of cancer) it could stimulate the appetites of rats. Consumers have also reported using CBG to help with pain and sleep issues.

CBG alone has potential to be extremely beneficial, though using in combination with other cannabinoids could increase the benefits of both.


The key difference between CBG vs. CBD is that CBG is the precursor to CBD. Additionally, CBG is mainly found in hemp products, while CBD can be found in normal cannabis strains.

The two cannabinoids have more similarities than differences. They are both non-psychoactive, completely natural, not known to be addictive, and are thought to have minimal side effects, if any.

In the same way that CBD and THC have been known to boost each other's effectiveness via the entourage effect, CBD and CBG can potentially work together as well for the ultimate beneficial experience. So, it's not really CBG vs. CBD, but really CBG and CBD. 

Can You Buy CBG?

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Ready to try CBG? You're in luck. Steve’s Goods has CBG oil products available for purchase. Their products are the strongest full-spectrum CBG oil on the market, with the purest ingredients available at this time.

Tinctures are an excellent place to start, since they're an easy and delicious way to consume CBG oil goodness and reap the benefits of this ready-to-rage compound. All made from hemp, Steve's Goods has flavors like original, blueberry, and watermelon — each containing CBG and powerful terpenes.

If you'd like to combine the potential power of CBG with the benefits of CBD, or even compare CBG vs. CBD on your own terms, you can also purchase their CBD oil to go along with it.

It's time to embrace what could be the next new powerful cannabinoid. As research continues to develop, CBG is on the forefront of the cannabis industry, waiting to blast off.

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Article by: Savannah