Does CBD Get You High?

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Have you ever wished you could get all the best benefits of weed without having to experience the high as well? Do you have aches and pains, trouble sleeping, or just feel like you're stressed out and can't relax? You're definitely not alone! There are a ton of reasons for people to consume cannabis (besides the psychoactive effects), which is where CBD comes into play. While THC-heavy strains will leave you feeling high as a kite, CBD can be taken at any time for any reason.

From stressed-out college students before a big test to anti-drug grannies who just want to sleep, a wide variety of consumers can benefit from some choice CBD products. In fact, more and more people are making the switch from THC to CBD (even hardcore stoners)!

But does CBD get you high, or is the high just different from the classic THC-heavy weed high? The short answer is no – while CBD is incredibly versatile and useful, it still does not get you high. Lucky for you guys, this Leafbuyer article breaks down all the hows and whys for CBD's conspicuous lack of psychoactive effects. You may not feel high but that doesn't mean you're entirely sober either. So, read up and get ready for some solid CBD coverage.

What is CBD?

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CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Cannabidiol is the second most common cannabinoid found in weed. Like its more popular (and prevalent) counterpart, THC, CBD attaches to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to create the effects it's so well known for. Consumers of CBD report a feeling of relaxation, both in their minds and muscles. While THC is also reportedly effective for such reasons, the high that comes with THC is not always appreciated. That's why CBD is so popular for medical consumers who want all the benefits of weed with none of the stoney-ness.

CBD can be found primarily in the buds of cannabis plants, though leaves and stems also hold smaller portions of it. The sticky, crystalline trichomes at the tips of each nug are where you'll get all those nice CBD benefits you know and love. CBD nugs and THC nugs look similar enough but the effects couldn't be more different! Studies as far back as 1946 suggested CBD lacked the psychoactive effects of THC (though the drug in question wasn't exactly legal at the time). Even with its rocky history, CBD is ready to sweep markets across the nation!

Does CBD Get You High?

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Now that you know what CBD is, the question still remains: does CBD get you high? The answer is no, CBD does not get you high. While most people know weed as the psychoactive drug stoners love, CBD just doesn't carry that same stoney kick. Some consumers of CBD do report feelings that don't quite line up with sobriety, but the effects still can't be categorized as an actual high. Some report feeling spacey, tired, or even paranoid after consuming CBD though these symptoms aren't as likely in different products and people. The best bet is to try new products (THC or CBD) in small doses to get an idea for how they'll feel on a larger scale. Dip a toe in the metaphorical water before swan-diving into a weed experience you can't handle. CBD is still weed, even if it doesn't actually get you high. And any drug should be treated with all due caution, even CBD!

Best CBD Products

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There's no need to wonder if CBD products get you high anymore! It's relatively easy to find good CBD products, but how do you know if you're finding the best CBD products? While personal preference may mean you'll prefer one brand or another, there are some products that will knock anyone's socks off. Even the pickiest of cannabis connoisseurs can usually find a satisfactory CBD product in just about any dispensary. While recreational dispensaries may carry fewer CBD products than medical dispensaries, you should still be able to find non-THC products. And since CBD doesn't get you high, you can try as many as you want, mix and match, and play around until you find just the right combo for you and your CBD needs.

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