7 of the Most Unappealing Marijuana Strain Names

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If you smoke weed, you've probably encountered some pretty strange strain names. In fact, unusual naming is almost a requirement when it comes to cannabis — from early big hits in the weed world like Skunk #1 to popular modern classics like Trainwreck and Sour Diesel, it's safe to say the people who name the weed strains have a strange sense of humor. And while stoners may get used to asking their smoking buddy to pass the Alaskan Thunderfuck, that doesn't mean it isn't still unusual. But what about the straight-up unappealing marijuana strain names? Why would a breeder take the time to create an awesome new strain, then smack a name like Tuna Kush on the label? And, most importantly, does it really matter if the name of a strain is unappealing or will stoners smoke Cat Piss either way?

Leafbuyer is here to answer all these questions and address the elephant in the room: what (and why) are the worst unappealing marijuana strain names. So, get ready to question your cannabis consumption and hear some truly awful names officially given to everyone's favorite herb. If you thought naming a kid Apple was bad, just wait until you hear some of these!


very green budBloodwreck is the hybrid offspring of Trainwreck and Trinity. It's also the first in our list of unappealing marijuana strain names. While the name of this weed strain isn't particularly gross or nasty, it still has enough 'ugh' factor to earn a spot. With a terpene profile that's earthy, spicy, and just a little sweet, as well as a THC content of over 20 percent, Bloodwreck lives up to its moniker — smoke this strain and you really will feel like a bloody wreck (in a good way, of course)! So long as the thought of blood doesn't make you faint, Bloodwreck is a weed strain worth trying. Experienced cannabis consumers are recommended for this particular badly-named weed strain since the potency of Bloodwreck is no joke.

Cat Piss

Cat Piss is an unappealing name for a weed strain (or for anything else) but this bud deserves more credit than it gets. If you can ignore the incredibly evocative smell of the name and get down to the spicy and earthy terpene profile with pleasant effects, you're in for a treat! Cat Piss is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain which consumers report as being uplifting and euphoric. The high is potent but not overwhelmingly high, so you can smoke your fill without feeling uncomfortably baked. Unfortunately, not many people choose to smoke Cat Piss when there's a strain called Astronaut Ice Cream on the next shelf over. But with Cat Piss, it's worth looking past the name to the strain beneath. After all, it could have easily been named Kitten Kush or Astronaut Cat instead. Maybe, in the case of Cat Piss, it's best to put strain names out of your mind and just enjoy the nug, the whole nug, and nothing but the nug!


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This unappealing marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid bred from crossing Hindu Kush and Blueberry. How the name 'Goo' originated from two pleasant-sounding strains is a mystery, though it's possible Goo is more a reference to how consumers feel after a strong dose. Goo's THC percentage clocks in at around 17 percent but that doesn’t stop consumers from enjoying its reportedly relaxing and euphoric effects. So, if you feel like getting down with a pleasant and mellow high and don't mind the idea of smoking fat Goo, this is the strain for you!

Scroopy Noopers

Fans of "Rick and Morty" (the show responsible for this strain name) might disagree that Scroopy Noopers is an atrocious name for a weed strain. But everyone should be able to agree that these words don't sound right when said out loud — seriously, just say Scroopy Noopers aloud once. I bet you it doesn't sound like anything you'd want to be involved with! But if you can, in fact, utter this unappealing marijuana strain name without feeling like it's somehow wrong, you might enjoy the weed beneath! After all, Scroopy Noopers is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Star Dawg and boasts a whopping THC percentage of around 23 percent! You'll know you've had enough of this sweet, coffee-scented strain when you can no longer pronounce its name: was it Scrappy Nappers or Noopy Scroopers?

Sharks Breath

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The grand majority of us have never had the dubious pleasure of smelling an actual shark's breath (Australians aside, that is) but that doesn't mean this strain name is any less unappealing. Even knowing that sharks (much like Bill Clinton) don't inhale, still doesn't erase the phantom smell of dead fish you get from thinking about Sharks Breath. The effects of Sharks Breath are surprisingly mild for such a hardcore name, especially since this badly-named strain is an indica-leaning hybrid. Consumers report the high of Sharks Breath as a mood enhancer and great for a mellow daytime high. So, if the offspring of Great White Shark and Jamaican Lambsbread with a THC percentage of 17 sound appealing, give Sharks Breath a try at your local dispensary! And hopefully, this is the only way any of us experience Sharks Breath.

Super Skunk

With so many skunk strains on the market, it's easy to forget how unappealing this marijuana strain name truly is. That's why we didn't choose any ol' skunk — we chose Super Skunk for the extra 'eew' factor. Bred by crossing Skunk #1 and Afghani, Super Skunk is an award-winning indica-dominant hybrid strain that overcame its gross name. With a THC content of almost 20 percent and a terpene profile that's surprisingly pleasant, Super Skunk beat its awful name by being awesome. If the consumer-reported effects of creativity and euphoria are to be trusted, it's not hard to understand why Super Skunk hit it big.

Violator Kush

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Violator Kush isn't gross or unappetizing but that doesn't mean this strain's name is great, good, or even okay. In fact, Violator Kush is an unappealing marijuana strain name if only because it is rather unsettling. If you're okay with feeling violated with Violator Kush, you can enjoy an earthy and rather sweet-tasting weed with a respectable THC content of around 18 percent. Violator Kush is a cross between Malana and Hindu Kush and is reported as being a chatty and mood-enhancing strain to consume, especially for an indica-dominant hybrid. How such an enjoyable weed strain got settled with such an awful name? Well, you'll have to ask the cannabis breeders at Barney's Farm for the answer to that question.

There you have it! The most unappealing marijuana strain names in one convenient Leafbuyer list. The names may sound disgusting, gross, or downright bad, but that doesn't mean you need to avoid trying any or all of these weed strains. After all, what's in a nug? Weed by any other name would still smoke as sweet. Don't let something as unimportant as a name keep you from what could potentially be your next favorite strain! It can't hurt to inhale some Sharks Breath so long as it's the weed version and not literally the breath of a real-life, swims and bites shark kind. So, take these strange and unpleasant weed strain names with a grain of salt — just don't be the one who judges a book by its title, or a strain by its name, in this case!