California Marijuana Vacations: NoCal vs. SoCal

Redwood Forest California
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Spring is finally here and it’s time for the vacations to begin! I don’t know about you, but I am from the Midwest and there is no better vacation than one that’s paired with cannabis. And there’s no better vacation spot for cannabis than California. California is home to some of dankest cannabis strains on the market, along with some of the most beautiful beaches. The best part about California marijuana vacations is that Southern California and Northern California are extremely different trips. This makes it tough to decide which type of trip to take for your marijuana vacation, and that’s why we’re here to help you weigh your options!

Northern California Cannabis Vacation

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Northern California is primarily known by cannabis connoisseurs around the world for the Emerald Triangle and Humboldt County Cannabis Farms. There are very few vacations that can walk you through the history of cannabis better than a Northern California trip. From the beautiful geography of the area to the largest marijuana farms in the country, Northern California will not disappoint. In fact, there is even an organization that will help you plan your entire cannabis vacation ? Humboldt Cannabis Tours.

The folks at Humboldt Cannabis Tours are there to help all cannabis lovers to plan a unique marijuana vacation that is custom-fitted to their desires. When it comes to building your cannabis vacation, there are a ton of different marijuana activities available to choose from! Humboldt Cannabis Tours can set everything up for you and will even plan your flight for you. From touring local grows to learning how to cook with cannabis from a professional chef, your options in California are almost endless. But let’s take a look at some of the best choices:

Day 1: Indulge and Settle In

Your first day arriving at your Northern California marijuana vacation needs to start off right. That’s why we recommend stopping by a local retail shop to immediately stock up on some famous NoCal flower! One of the highest-rated shops in Northern California is the Berkley Patient’s Group. Not only do they serve the medical and recreational marijuana community, but they go above and beyond for their consumers. This is the perfect place to start your cannabis vacation off right. Once you have a nice stash in hand, it is time to get out and experience the nature and community of Northern California.

The next stop on your trip should most definitely be to your beautiful and quaint hotel ? Feeling Groovy at Eagle Creek Ranch. This is no typical hotel, though. They are one of the very few cannabis resorts in Northern California. Not only can you smoke in designated areas at this hotel, but they even put on cannabis classes for you to further your knowledge of this remarkable plant. Feeling Groovy is a great spot to engulf yourself in the local cannabis community. Plus, you can kick back on your first day and dig into some of your fire weed!

Day 2: Dive into the Culture

Your second day in Northern California is a full day of cannabis tours and classes. That is where Humboldt Cannabis Tours is the go-to spot. You can sign up for a full day of cannabis activities that will take you through a variety of different local marijuana farms, extraction facilities, local dispensaries, and even infused edible kitchens. They take you on a journey through nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry. If you’re looking to fully understand what marijuana is about, then this is a must for your cannabis vacation!

Day 3: A Taste of Nature

On your third day of exploring the world of California Cannabis, we highly suggest getting out into nature and experiencing all that California has to offer. There are a ton of different nature walks, beach spots, hikes, ranches, and even forest trails for you to discover! In particular, there’s one excursion you must make while in Northern California. Taking a drive through the Red Woods is unlike anything else. With trees towering over you on all sides, it’s impossible not to feel the awe-inspiring history of the forest.

Southern California Cannabis Vacation

palm trees in the sun in southern california

If the backwoods and nature excursions aren’t what you’re looking for, then a Southern California marijuana vacation is just what you need! Unlike Northern California, South Cali is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the beach with some great marijuana products. Plus, Southern California is a great trip to make at any time of the year. They offer a variety of cannabis activities for all types of cannabis lovers. From a five-course cannabis-infused meal to a THC-infused massage, Southern California has all the relaxing cannabis experiences you’ve been waiting for!

Day 1: Check out the Retail Shops

Southern California is home to some of the best recreational dispensaries in the state. They are dedicated to providing a higher quality of service and education to their consumers and, of course, source their flower from the best local farms around! That’s why it’s a good idea to stop in a local dispensary to stock up on a multitude of different marijuana products. Harbor Collective in San Diego, California, is a must-see recreational shop that is bound to satisfy all your cannabis needs. They have a massive selection of flower and they carry the most popular edibles, concentrates, and even topicals. Stop in and see their beautiful storefront to get your trip started off right!

Once you’re set up with a solid stash of marijuana products, go check in to your cannabis-friendly hotel. The top two spots in the San Diego area are the Mudville Flats and the Crones Cobblestone Cottage. Both are wonderful Bed-and-Breakfast hotels that provide a clean, elegant, and relaxing environment that is very cannabis-friendly. You may not smoke inside the hotel, but the surrounding land is free for you to explore and smoke down! This is a must-have for your cannabis vacation!

Day 2: Canna-Tour

On the second day of your Southern California marijuana vacation, we highly recommended that you plan yourself a tour with West Coast Cannabis Tours. They are a premium cannabis tour company that picks you up in a canna-bus and gives you a luxury tour of the ins and outs of the Southern California cannabis industry. Along the way, you’ll get to see local cannabis farms and dispensaries, learn how concentrates and edibles are made, and even check out a few local breweries. Odds are you will be a bit tired after this tour is over, so head back to your cannabis-friendly hotel and relax!

Day 3: Cannabis + Spa

The third day of your Southern California cannabis vacation should be an easygoing day full of cannabis and relaxation. Traveling Hands Cannabis is one of the few spas that bring cannabis into their treatments by offering a wide range of massages using THC and CBD lotions. Traveling Hands Cannabis even offers a couple’s massage to make it a romantic excursion with a little bit of weed! After your cannabis-infused massage, make a reservation with a Lego Optimo to experience a five-course meal paired with specific strains of cannabis to enhance the flavors of the courses. They are always planning different cannabis dinners, so check their event schedule to plan your trip around their extravagant meals!

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