The Best Edibles in Northern California

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Northern California is full of unique, delicious, and potent marijuana edibles. From chocolates to sodas to little edible mints, cannabis can be found in just about anything consumable. Even restaurants in California are hopping on the cannabis bandwagon, serving a wide array of restaurant-quality meals (with weed)! Finding edibles in California is easy, but trying to find the best edibles amidst hundreds of really good edibles? That's a little bit harder. Instead of spending hours (and your entire bank account) sampling all the good marijuana edibles in Northern California, just read this article and try the best marijuana edibles in Northern California.

These edibles are a ten out of ten for flavor, appearance, and, of course, weediness. There's an edible for every kind of person in Northern California! So, get ready for some truly memorable marijuana edibles because NorCal is chock-full of exciting ways to consume cannabis. Here are the three biggest weed hot-spots and their best marijuana edibles in Northern California.

Edibles in Humboldt County

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Though Humboldt loves its cannabis tinctures more than anything else, they also produce some top-grade marijuana edibles. In fact, some of the most delicious edibles in Northern California come from that area.

Take the well-known Space Gem gummy candies, for instance. Not only are they locally sourced marijuana edibles made from fresh fruit, they're also hands-down delicious. Even better? These little gummies aren't just high-THC monster edibles that will get you too high or just knock you out. Well, at least if you don't eat all of them they won't. And if you do manage to get your hands on some Space Gem candies, then you really may want to eat them all – they're just that good!

What makes them among the best marijuana edibles in Northern California though? There are a ton of delicious and unique edibles out there, but Space Gem candies have a medical edge. That's right, Space Gem offers balanced CBD and THC mixed edibles for recreation and pain relief. So, next time you're in Humboldt make sure to keep your eyes peeled for these little gummies amidst all those Humboldt cannabis tinctures.

Edibles in San Francisco County

marijuana chocolate bar with small leaves on top, showing chocolates can be some of the best edibles in northern california

It's nearly impossible to walk through San Francisco's parks without being offered an edible or two. If you're in San Francisco and looking to get high, all you have to do is look for the stoned salesman in Rasta colors carrying a basket. Or, alternatively, stand still and wait for them to find you if you want to try the real Norcal marijuana edible experience.

The edibles may not look particularly fancy, but their potency is (more often than not) off the charts. So, save some money by buying your marijuana edibles the most OG Northern California way – from some random guy in the park. Just don't expect these edibles to come with a manual or a full chemical workup. Part of the Hippie Hill edible experience is not knowing exactly how much THC, CBD, calories, or grams of sugar you're consuming.

Aside from hippies in the park, San Francisco also boasts a large and exciting array of marijuana edible delights. Check out Kiva for a taste of Bay Area marijuana edible magic. Their products include chocolates, mints, gummies, and more – all equally awesome and tasty ways to eat yourself stoned with the best marijuana edibles in Northern California.

Edibles in Santa Cruz County

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If you're struggling to find good edibles in Santa Cruz then you probably just aren't looking hard enough. Between the dispensaries and the entrepreneurial college students who enjoy baking and making money on the side, marijuana edibles are all over Santa Cruz. The trick is sifting through all the box-made special brownies and over-baked cannabis cookies to get to the good stuff.

Big Pete's Treats is true to the weed they use and the people who eat it, making only the most delicious edible cookies. From chocolate chip to lemon to peanut butter, Big Pete's Treats has you covered with a true taste of Northern California marijuana edibles. They don't call the cookies at Big Pete's Treats 'California's original cannabis cookie' for nothing, after all!

And if mouthwatering cookies aren't enough for you, then consider trying Korova products instead! From fancy macaroons to not-so-fancy mini-cookies, Korova offers edibles just about anyone will enjoy (at least anyone who likes weed). Either way, you'll definitely be able to satisfy your sugar cravings in this beachside city. So, swing by Santa Cruz and try the sweet marijuana edible delights they have to offer – the best way to enjoy Santa Cruz is stoned, after all!