Hiking with Weed: An Elevating Experience

resting on a hike to take in the beautiful view after hiking with weed

For many, weed is to hiking like cheese is to wine – a perfect pairing. Taking a walk in the woods with the sensations provided by cannabis helps hikers enhance their senses, clear their minds, and heal the body. Whether you intend to connect with nature, your hiking pals, or just reconnect with yourself, packing a little pot may be the perfect catalyst.

But, before you grab your backpack, let's review a few tips, tricks, and safety tips about hiking with weed.

Safety First

hiking in the forest in canada

Whether hiking with weed or not, always make safety your first priority when planning a hiking trip. However, if you’re consuming marijuana, there are a few extra safety precautions to take into consideration:

    • Be mindful; don't let your carelessness cost someone their home. As elementary as it may sound, fire is dangerous. As any resident of California, Colorado, or any other state ravaged with wildfires this year will remind you, smoking anything in the woods can be extraordinarily dangerous in terms of setting forest fires. If you're hiking in a high-risk fire zone, just don't use flame. Fortunately, in the modern era of legal cannabis, there are other ways to consume cannabis without burning something. Smoking accessories like vape pens, flower vaping devices, and products like edibles and beverages all provide non-combustible ways to consume marijuana.
    • Know your limits and be prepared. When hiking with weed, the objective is to get elevated and enjoy your surroundings, not get "stoned to the bejeezus-belt," to quote Bill Murray. The last thing you want to do is get so stoned you can't find your way back to the car. So, just like any other hiker prepares for his or her trip, pack the hiking essentials – a GPS, map, first aid kit, snacks for the trail, and plenty of water.
    • Avoid Federal property. Unfortunately, no matter what state you're in, if a forest ranger catches you with marijuana in a national forest, it can mean stiff penalties, criminal charges, and hefty fines. Plan your hike accordingly or at least be aware of the risks.

Strain Selection

girl smoking with her smoking accessories while hiking with weed in a forest

Choosing the right strain is also very important. Effects can vary from person to person, but here's some general rules for making a good strain selection when hiking with weed:

  • Avoid indica-heavy strains. While it's okay to stop and pet the butterflies for a moment, you don't want to get stuck too long. A heavy indica may make your feet feel like glue and tar, slowing down your progress. Save the indica strains for rest and recovery after you get home.
  • Sweet sativas are usually a safe bet. Sativas and sativa hybrids are known amongst consumers for their energetic effects. Strains with sweet, fruity aromas are generally more uplifting than earthier, heavy smells. Look for strains like Golden Goat, Green Crack, or Super Lemon Haze.

Bring the Right Smoking Accessories

girl sitting outside smoking a joint

Besides the general hiking gear and essentials, you also have to pack the proper equipment to light up while you're on the go. Fumbling around with trying to roll a joint while fighting the wind is never fun, and packing a glass pipe or bong in a backpack is inconvenient and impractical. Fortunately, innovative new marijuana smoking accessories are redefining convenience.

For example, consider the Smokit, a modern twist on the trusty, classic dugout pipe. Small and compact, this convenient little pocket gadget makes cannabis consumption easy and discreet. Not much bigger than a lighter, this little dugout pipe packs prominent features. The built-in grinder makes it incredibly simple to load, and it comes with all the tools and smoking accessories you need to light up on the go. Since you can smoke right out of the multi-hitter, you just have to add cannabis and a lighter and you and your dugout pipe are ready to hike.

Whatever your method of smoking cannabis while exploring nature, always keep fire safety in mind. Consider a pocket ashtray or somewhere safe to put any ash or leftovers. Even the tiniest embers can spark huge disasters, so be aware of your surroundings.

Hire a Pro When Hiking with Weed

woman hiking with a backpack of smoking accessories along a river in colorado

If you're afraid of getting lost while frolicking in the forest, consider signing up for a cannabis-friendly guided hike. In Colorado, the guys at CannaVenture are more than happy to be your guide through some of the most scenic hikes in Colorado. With a series of scheduled adventures and other recreational events, CannaVenture believes hiking and cannabis go hand in hand. Their hiking season starts on April 21st, 2019 this year.

With or without cannabis, getting into nature, going for a walk, and appreciating the world around you is beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. Using cannabis to enhance the experience can help break through creative blocks, reveal new insights, and provide a whole new perspective on the problems of life. Make sure you take the necessary safety precautions when hiking with weed. And grab a friend, some bud, and some smoking accessories, and hit the trails. You might be surprised at what you discover in the forest and in yourself.

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