Marijuana 101: How Long Does a Weed High Last?

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Sometimes you just want to get high – but not too high, and certainly not for too long! Knowing how long different weed highs last makes it easy to fit cannabis into even the busiest of schedules. So, how long will your weed high last? After reading this article, the decision will be completely up to you.

Weed products come in all types of shapes, sizes, and strengths, and choosing the perfect one for your personal stoner needs may seem daunting. After all, how is the new or casual smoker supposed to tell the difference between the thousands of cannabis products available? It's impossible! By knowing how long the different kinds of weed highs last, you can make your decision a lot easier.

How Long Does a Weed High Last? It’s Based on the Products!

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The cannabis industry is growing rapidly, and sometimes it feels like new weed products are being released almost daily. It's hard to keep up with a bunch of fancy-sounding brand names that all seem to say the same thing: "Take me, and I'll get you high." The question always remains, how high, and for how long?

Though individual brands may differ slightly, the truth is that products usually fall within their own categories. Not to say that some brands aren't stellar compared to others, but the fact is that no flower you smoke is going to last a full day, and no edible worth its salt lasts less than three hours. This list ranks the most popular ways and means of getting high, from a quick toke to an all-day blaze:


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If you enjoy smoking cannabis, chances are you've had flower at least once. Flower, for those who don't know, is simply the word used to describe cannabis when it is in its most natural state: Fresh bud, ground weed, and kief fall into this category. Flower is not only the most popularly used product for getting stoned, it also provides the shortest high of any weed product, generally ranging between one to two hours. Common methods of smoking flower are:

  • Pipe: The humble pipe provides the shortest high of any smoking method, usually lasting no more than an hour. Don't let that dissuade you though; there's nothing wrong with pipes! In fact, their short, mellow high is perfect for casual stoners and hardcore smokers alike. Easy to find, travel-handy, and beautifully crafted, pipes are a staple for any kind of weed smoker.
  • Joint: Even though a joint burns through a lot of weed, it doesn't actually keep you stoned all that much longer than a pipe. A good, packed joint weed high will last up to 1.5 hours before wearing off. If what you want is a short high that looks cool, joints may be the best option. Just keep in mind, controlling how much weed goes into a joint is a lot harder than with a bowl (pipe or bong), so plan accordingly!
  • Bong: The classic bong is the most effective of the non-oil methods of cannabis consumption. A bong high can last between one to two hours, but the addition of kief, oil, moonrocks, or other enhancements can easily put the bong from a mid to a long-lasting high. Snapping (i.e. smoking a small bong bowl, but all at once) can lead to an even longer high.



Oil takes cannabis from "mellow" to "woah." BHO (butane hash oil), wax, shatter, and crumble, are just a few types of awesomely-named oils available on the market today. An oil weed high lasts anywhere between two to four hours. This is mostly due to the rate at which your body absorbs and metabolizes the cannabis. While cannabis absorbed through smoking is processed quickly, oil requires more time to fully incorporate itself into your system. Common methods of consuming cannabis oil are:

  • Vape: The vape is like the Goldilocks of weed highs; not too long and not too short. Smoking cannabis from a vape results in a high that can last up to two hours. Discreet, potent, and less harsh on your lungs than flower smoke, the vape is great if you want to get really high on the go.
  • Dab: The infamous dab is the second most long-lasting cannabis high. One good hit from a dab rig will last longer than just about any casual vape, reaching anywhere from two to three hours. This method is not for the faint of heart, so only dab if you're committed to a long-lasting, powerful high.


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Edibles are by and far the longest-lasting weed high. Ranging anywhere from between three to twelve hours (with some exceptions), edibles are only recommended for those who are willing to dedicate an entire day to being stoned silly. Also, keep in mind that edibles take a while to kick in.

How long do edibles last? You may only feel high for a few hours, but the entire experience will be longer than just the high itself.

There is a reason that there are so many jokes about getting too high off edibles. It can (and does) happen easily, and is a memorable experience for even the most seasoned smoker. In some cases, larger quantities or more potent cannabis can make an edible high last for over a full day. The best way to avoid getting too high for too long is to start small. Eat a portion of the edible and wait for it to kick in. Do not fall into the trap of assuming the edible hasn't worked, because chances are it will. Eating a second piece, or, god forbid, the entire thing, before you feel the effects is a mistake. (A mistake we have all made!)

Other Factors To Consider

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Consider these factors to help answer, “How long will my weed high last?”


Experience definitely matters when it comes to the duration of your high. Smoking enough weed increases your tolerance, which makes a high shorter and less strong than it would be for someone new to weed. Even your recent cannabis consumption history can affect the duration of your high: Smoking more than usual, taking a T-break, or switching up your smoking routine can all alter the duration of your high.


How long a weed high lasts depends a lot on how strong the product is. Figuring out the potency of a specific weed product can be difficult. There are lots of aspects to consider: Is the weed indica or sativa, indoor or outdoor, a strong brand or something weaker? The only way to know is to test it out! Once you have a baseline for your favorite products, you can more accurately predict the length of your high.


It's no great secret that quantity matters just about as much as quality. How much you smoke also has a say in how long your high will last. The more weed product you consume, the higher you'll be (obviously!). Everyone has their limit though, so don't smoke a half-dozen bowls of ground weed and expect the same results as if you took an edible. You're more likely to get a sore throat from that than a long-lasting high.

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