Best Ways to Hotbox Your Closet 

lighting cannabis bong
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Immersion is sometimes all we need in life. When it comes to ganja, one of the most rewarding experiences can come from shutting the rest of the world out and letting only the good in. Draw the drapes, retreat to the closet, close the door. Light up. Inhale. Repeat.

Escape to a comfortable place with premium privacy; or, go to the place that's best secluded from the outside world. Either way, that hidden oasis is likely located at the back of your bedroom.

There are bad ideas, good methods, and then there are the best ways. We're talking smoking cannabis while hotboxing in your closet. 

The Method

Hotboxing, as you probably know, is when you find a relatively small area, seal it off, and fill the space with marijuana smoke. With the enclosed space, you maximize the effect. As you can imagine, when you fill an entire area with intoxicating fumes, it doesn't take long to become completely immersed in an enticing haze. It's fun. It's hip. It's youthful. It's hotboxing.

      1. Head into your closet
      2. Close the door
      3. Stuff a towel underneath to completely seal yourself in (you don't want any smoke to seep into your bedroom)
      4. Turn on some great music
      5. Get your cannabis ready<
      6. Finally, smoke away!

Be warned: Because you are smoking in such a small and enclosed space, it might get a little cramped in the closet. Also, there's a good chance that all of your clothes will smell like marijuana. So, moving forward, you can remove all your clothes or just be okay with long-lasting weed smells soaked into your shirts and jeans. Consider, at least, removing your dress shirt and pants for the duration of your hot box session.

One of the best ways to light up in your closet is with another layer of isolation. Sitting criss-cross and cuddling up under a thick blanket or duvet can really elevate your experience. This not only intensifies the smoke intake but also adds another layer of security, especially if you don't want anyone knowing what you’re up to. Additionally, it can help your clothes in the closet not to smell as weedy. For this to work, though, you need to make sure that there are not any exposed flames anywhere near the fabric.

The Materials

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Until you've mastered the craft of hotboxing your closet, try to stay away from using joints to do so. Avoiding joints limits the fire hazard and makes the activity a little less obvious. joint is usually not a stealthy way to smoke when you are a beginner toker.

Instead, opt for a glass smoking pipe. In doing so, you can cover the bowl portion and control the amount of smoke that is released. You can go slowly and comfortably at your own pace, which can personalize the experience, and it also ensures a little-added layer of security.

Gravity bongs, also known as bucket or waterfall bongs, use both air pressure and water to draw smoke from cannabis. It's a genius smoking product that works great for a casual closet hotbox.

If you're feeling extra adventurous, do some research into a gas mask bong. This mask specifically hotboxes only your face. This mask sticks to the saying “With great power comes great responsibility.” While the concentrated smoke can create an out-of-this-world high, it can also be extremely overwhelming, especially with no protection for your eyes. User beware.

If you're out of pipes and bongs, make your own. A bottle bong is easy to make, as well as an apple pipe. Search around the house for everyday items. Get crafty and earn your hotboxing high.