Top 3 Choices for Making a Bowl out of Fruit

Bartlett Pears on Wooden Table
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Even the most careful person occasionally drops something. In the case of a cannabis user, dropping something carries with it the potential to break your most cherished and fragile pipe, bong, or one-hitter. And what are you to do? Pipeless, bongless, and too stoned to drive (and with friends on their way), a frantic search begins. What are we going to smoke out of?

Making a bowl out of fruit solves this issue, with flavor and convenience to spare.

Why Smoke Out of Fruit?

The reasons are numerous for why someone may want to make a bowl out of fruit. In my experience, the situation is generally based on the lack of anything better. True, some users may find it fun or novel to smoke out of fruit, though the niche seems small.

For most people, making a bowl out of fruit is a fallback strategy only deployed when the more common smoking methods (pipes, joints, blunts, etc) are not readily available.

Some users may argue that making a pipe out of fruit is a way to enhance the flavor of the fresh buds. And it’s true. Infusing cannabis through sweet, crisp, bitter, or earthy fruits can indeed impact the flavor and, potentially, even moderate the effect.

Allow me to explain:

As the marijuana industry has gained momentum in the past decade, more research has been performed on cannabis and its active components than at any time in the last half-century. Today, thousands of online resources exist, allowing generations of weed consumers to compare cannabis strains and effects, along with terpene content. Terpenes are, if put simply, the chemical compounds that cause cannabis to have its unique smell.

Terpenes have also been shown to affect the experience of being high and carry the potential of having a therapeutically recognizable effect on the body. And, terpenes are not unique to cannabis.

With this in mind, making a bowl out of fruit can transform your smoking experience into something entirely new. Making a bowl out of fruit can, in fact, enhance the overall flavor and effect of your favorite cannabis strains, as well as provide a level of lackadaisical enjoyment to the smoke sesh.

Three Fruits to Smoke Weed Out Of

Various changes in marijuana-related behavior have been observed in states where marijuana has been legalized. Consumers in medical and recreational markets have been made increasingly aware of how to use cannabis and cannabis products, as well as the possible benefits and risks. The result: curated flavors and exclusive strain genetics, used by a consumer who knows what cannabinoids they are consuming and in roughly which amounts.

Making a bowl out of fruit should be done with this in mind. Navigating a fruit bowl with cheap weed, while it will certainly get you high, can become an elevated endeavor. Matching strain characteristics with the flavors and terpenes of a fruit can help develop the high into a cannabis experience perfect for you.

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Here’s what you need to know:

The Ingredients

What you’ll need:

  • One cucumber, firm (roughly 6 inches)
  • One apple
  • One pear
  • A cheap pen or similarly sized stick
  • A skewer or narrow stick
  • A knife
  • Some fresh bud
  • A lighter
  • A can-do attitude

The Instructions

The Cucumber Fruit Bowl

Often thought of as a vegetable, cucumbers are botanically defined as a fruit. Their cool, bitter flavor and crisp fleshy texture make them perfect for salads, sandwiches, and more!

How it’s done:

  1. Using the knife, make a small, roughly half inch-deep bowl-shaped incision into the body of the cucumber, roughly one and a half inches from the end.
  2. Insert the skewer into the cucumber from the opposite end of the incision from step one until it sticks out the end of each side of the cucumber when laid flat.
  3. Remove the skewer. Remove the ink from the pen. When the cucumber is lying horizontal, insert the pen casing into the end of the cucumber opposite the incision from step one. Use the pen casing to gut the cucumber, pushing until the hollowed-out area is directly under the incision from step one. Remove the pen casing.
  4. Using the skewer, connect the incision from step one with the gutted pen hole, connecting the bowl to the pipe.
  5. Ensure that air can move through the hollowed-out or cut portions.
  6. Get your lighter and weed ready

Recommended Strain (Available at Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora): Blue Dream

The bitter, crisp characteristics of the cucumber blend with the luscious, sweet berry, citrus, and cool earth notes held between these dense flowers. Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora is offering Blue Dream at $28 per eighth. If you stop in between Sunday and Wednesday, get a joint for $5 with every purchase of $30 or more!

The Pear Fruit Bowl

Bartlett Pears on Wooden Table
Photo by: Roobcio/Shutterstock
Making a bowl out of fruit can easily and reliably be done with the help of a pear. Bartlett, D, Anjou, Asian, or otherwise, pears of all varieties are available year round, often costing less than $1 each.

How it’s done:

  1. Using a pear variety of your choosing (I always go Bartlett or Concorde), start by cleaning the pear of any leaves or stems that are still attached. Once clean, lay the pear horizontal and use the knife to clear a bowl-shaped incision roughly inch deep at the larger end of the pear.
  2. Stand the pear up vertically. Using the skewer, pierce the pear from the top till close to under the bowl.
  3. Using the pen, connect the incision with the hole from the skewer. Ensure airflow.
  4. Pack the fruit bowl with your favorite bud and enjoy!

Recommended Strain (Available at Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora): Bio Diesel

Bio-diesel is an indica-dominant hybrid bursting with uplifting and notes of pine and bittersweet mango, perfect for keeping creativity up while relaxing the mind and body.

The Apple Fruit Bowl

Among the best known of earth’s delights, the apple has been used as a pipe for decades. Cheap and available everywhere, the apple pipe is the perfect starter for making a pipe out of fruit.

Not only that, it’s the easiest fruit to make a bowl out of, and it requires only three steps:

  1. With an apple of your choice (I usually choose a Fuji or Honeycrisp), remove the stem from the top of the apple. Take the pen casing and insert from the top of the apple (naturally bowl-shaped) until roughly half-way through the apple. Remove the pen casing.
  2. Use the pen casing to pierce a hole in the side of the apple, connecting to the hole from step one.
  3. Ensure airflow. Pack with fresh bud, light up, and enjoy!

Recommended Strain (Available at Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora): Golden Goat

The widely popular sativa-dominant hybrid Golden Goat boasts a pungent sweetness, offering a pleasant compliment to the crisp, tart, refreshing flavors of apples of all variety.

Stop in at Rocky Road Remedies in Aurora today for more details! Be sure to tell them Leafbuyer sent you!

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