How To Make A Gravity Bong

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For centuries, stoners around the world have been inventing new and efficient ways to smoke cannabis. All the way from turning an apple into a pipe, to smoking out of a three-chamber bong. This ingenuity has always been a cornerstone of the marijuana culture. Due to the industry being so new, there are constantly new ways of smoking cannabis being brought to light. Some of which, are becoming too intricate for the common consumer to understand. Which is why we should take a step back a few years and talk about an efficient old school way of smoking cannabis; the gravity bong.

A gravity bong is a resourceful way of smoking cannabis. This method of smoking is a great way to replicate a bong without spending a couple hundred dollars. The quick definition of a gravity bong, for those who don’t know, is a makeshift water bong that uses gravity to drag the smoke through and water pressure to produce a hit.

In other words, it’s a 2-liter bottle with a homemade bowl as the cap and a bucket of water. That’s what is so nice about the gravity bong; it provides a nice heavy high for just a couple dollar investment.


Bucket_bong_diagramThere are many different ways to make a gravity bong. Some ways are more efficient than others but, the process I have come up with is one of the most successful ones I have made. To start there are a few supplies that are needed:



Table of Contents


  1. Empty 2 Liter Bottle
  2. One Hitter
  3. Big Bowl or Bucket
  4. Scissors
  5. Bottle Cap
  6. A Lighter and Your Favorite Strain

Once you have all of your supplies, you are ready to make a gravity bong. There about 3 steps to making a gravity bong. Again, some of these steps can be done a little differently but, this is the safest and cleanest way I have found to make a gravity bong.

Time To Make The Bong!

Step 1

Cut the bottom of your 2-liter bottle a couple inches off of the bottom, depending on the size of your bucket. The bottle should be able to hit the bottom of the bucket without the water level reaching the mouthpiece. The larger the bucket and bottle, the larger the hit.

Step 2

Take the cap off the 2-liter bottle and poke a hole in it. This is where you will create your bowl that will hold your flower. Once you have a hole in the cap the size of a pen, put your one-hitter through the hole to where only the top is sticking out. To ensure that the hole is sealed put hot glue on the sides of the one-hitter. This will make sure the suction is strong enough to drag the smoke. It will also keep the one-hitter in place.

Step 3

Find a good sized bucket or even a big bowl. Fill the bucket about half full of water. Then, without the cap on, put your 2-liter bottle into the water. Your bottle should be about 3/4 of the way full. Again, this will ensure a quality hit. After testing your bottle, test your cap and make sure the one-hitter is not touching the water when you put it on.

Once step 3 is done, your gravity bong is ready to go! I recommend taking smaller hits at first and working your way up. The gravity bong has its name for more than just explaining the science behind it. Now before you start breaking it in, here is the most effective way I have found to smoke a gravity bong.

Time To Test It Out!

Step 1

Completely pack the one-hitter before putting the cap onto the bottle. Once packed, screw the cap back onto the bottle. The bottle should be touching the bottom of the bucket. Also, make sure that the bottom of the one-hitter is not in the water. If so, adjust the height of the water.

Step 2

Have your lighter ready. Slightly lift the bottle up from the water to where you begin to feel the pressure. At this point, light the one-hitter and as you light the hitter lift the bottle up. As the bottle is being raised, the smoke from the one-hitter should begin pulling into the bottle. Make sure you do not pull the bong out of the water or you may lose all of your hit.

Step 3

Once the bottle is full of smoke, quickly unscrew the cap from the gravity bong. Put your mouth to bottle and inhale as you let the bottle fall to the bottom of the bucket. As the bottle is being pulled down, keep your mouth on the bottle and inhale. Be prepared, because this will be a heavy hit on your lungs. Also, try not to inhale too hard because you may get a nice drag of bong water into your mouth.

Step 4

Find some water to drink because you are probably going to need it! Then it’s time to repeat steps 1-4.

The Benefits of Gravity Bongs

weed leaf, san francisco cannabis industryThe gravity bong is by far the most efficient way to get stoned if you are trying to conserve your flower. With just a one-hitter worth of buds, you can get just as high as smoking a joint.

I mean what smoker doesn’t like getting a nice heavy high for as little as possible?

The gravity bong is one of the classic ways to get stoned, and if you’ve never smoked one I highly recommend testing it out. I have just explained one way to make a gravity bong, now I challenge my fellow stoners to keep that ingenuity going! Be creative and see what you can change to make this gravity bong even better.

It may be an old-school way of smoking but, you can definitely put a modern day twist on it. So get out there and make yourself a gravity bong this summer, and if anyone questions you just tell them you are doing it for a science project!