Questions to Ponder While Smoking Weed

Man Pondering Staring out Window
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I know for a fact that every stoner out there, at one point and time, has thought about some weird, creative, and mind-boggling thoughts when smoking weed. Cannabis is known for having the ability to help boost your creative thoughts and is commonly used by artists, writers, musicians, and even inventors. The relaxing, mind-clearing, and energetic high from marijuana is perfect for helping people to think clearly and openly towards different things. There are times that I find myself asking questions that I would have never thought about if I wasn’t baked. However, there are also times that I just lay there thinking about nothing… which is why I created a list for all of the stoners who like to ponder life’s questions while blazing it up!

Question 1: Is Water Wet?

Take a fat rip off your bong and think about this one! Is water wet? Now do not answer too quickly. The definition of wet, when used to describe something, is an object that is covered or saturated with water or another liquid. An example is, my weed got wet! So, that brings us to the actual question at hand. Can water be wet?

This question has been debated all over social media outlets and has caused an uproar from certain Facebook users. Yet, there has been a general consensus on this topic. Water can’t actually be wet. When water is thrown on a napkin, it is considered wet. When it rains outside, the ground is wet. When we wash our hands with water, our hands are wet. What happens when you pour water into the water? It becomes water, right? When our hands become wet we can dry them, but we can’t dry the water off of water. That is why the public has concluded that water can’t be wet.

Question 2: What Does Our Society Need to Invent?

Our current society seems to have nearly everything we need. Yet, there are still always inventions coming out that we wish we would have thought of first. That’s why it’s important to always be thinking of new and unique things. It seems that the best ideas are little additions to already existing products. It is the small things that turn into massive ideas! Being stoned always gets me to notice things that I typically wouldn’t, such as niche inventions that could drastically benefit consumers! The next time you spark up that joint, try to think of the next crazy invention!

Question 3: Why Are Conspiracies Considered Conspiracies?

Man Pondering Staring out Window
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This is kind of a weird one to think about, especially when you are baked. I have found that questions with answers that make no sense are best pondered while high. So, what makes a conspiracy a conspiracy? If you think about it, the definition of a conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.

Here is what doesn’t make sense to me: Why is it that looking at events or actions from a different perspective is immediately considered a “conspiracy”? Every time something comes out incriminating the government or massive organization, it is just written off as a conspiracy theory. Yet, the people telling us it is a conspiracy are the accused conspirers in the first place!

Take a look at marijuana; it used to be a conspiracy that cannabis was actually beneficial to us. Everybody believed in the reefer madness and drowned out anyone who opposed it. This led to cannabis being made illegal throughout the nation. To this day, the federal government still considers cannabis harmful, even though there are some vocal objectors. My point is that the concept of conspiracies gives those partaking in the secret plan an automatic excuse. It should never be called a conspiracy, but rather a “point of view” and should be considered just the same.


Now it’s time to spark up a beautiful doobie and ponder these questions on your own. Plus, if you ever get too worked up about a tough question, just smoke more weed to calm yourself down!

Article by: Justice Council