How to Do the 3 Best Smoke Tricks

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At every party, get-together, or chill-out sesh, there’s always one person who comes prepared. They’re the master of their craft, ready to inhale weed and exhale wonder. They take a sip of their cocktail, grab their joint, and continue to amaze. They are the entertainers no one really asked for, but everyone wants to know. Smoke tricks can light up a room, as long as they’re done well.

If you’re looking for a surefire way to impress your friends, search no farther. Master some of the best smoke tricks behind many an “ooh” and “ahh” with these tips.


Don’t be fooled by this trick’s transparent name: The ghost is a difficult choice. To do the ghost, you have to exhale a bubble of smoke, then quickly make it disappear by inhaling it again.

First, be sure to take a big hit from your joint. Next, let the smoke simmer in your cheeks for a few seconds; doing this is essential for every trick, because it allows the smoke to thicken. Once that’s done, pucker your lips in a fish face as you open your mouth, exhaling softly. Once you see the ball of smoke exit, inhale strongly. Catch the ghost as soon as you can.

The big tip: Don’t exhale for too long. An important part of the trick is sucking the smoke back in; if the smoke wanders too far, you won’t be able to reach it and pull it back.

French Inhale

Man French Inhaling White Background
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This very popular trick is simple and produces a huge wow factor. Essentially, smoke is exhaled through the mouth, then inhaled through the nose. There’s a cyclical effect, making it seem as though the weed is going in and out in an ongoing, sophisticated cycle.

First, take your hit. Make it a big one. For a second, make sure and hold the smoke within your cheeks. Next, exhale some of the smoke lightly; while you don’t want smoke rushing out of your mouth, there should be enough momentum for the smoke to reach your nostrils. Immediately after you do this, inhale through your nose. Once the smoke is inhaled, it will waterfall back out your mouth. Easy.

The big tip: While you inhale, make sure to push your jaw forward. Doing this ensures that the process of concurrent exhalation and inhalation appear simultaneous, even though that’s not possible.


Smoke rings are like a stoner’s right of passage. After inhaling, smoke comes out of the mouth in little ring shapes, with a hole in the middle. Doing the trick will likely inspire onlookers to go on a donut run; that’s how effective this trick can be.

This move comes down to a practiced movement within the jaw and throat. After inhaling after a big hit, let the smoke chill out in your cheeks for a few moments, then form your lips into a ring shape. As your mouth opens, open and close your throat in a smooth progression. As you do this, the smoke will file out of your mouth, in the shape of little rings.

The big tip: You don’t have to exhale for this trip. The movement within your mouth is where the force comes from, rather than blowing out air.

With these tips, you’ll be sure to keep your weed fam close, always in admiration. Remember: repetition makes perfect. When practicing, try to do so in a room with limited airflow. Wind can affect the success of a trick.

Keep calm and trick on, my dudes.

Article by: Savannah Nelson