How to Make a Bong With Household Items

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We’ve all experienced it, ready to fire up, and there are no papers, pipes or bongs in sight. It’s a good thing pot smokers are notoriously creative. A routine inspection around the house can yield a wide assortment of possibilities for a crafty home-made device. You go into MacGyver mode and quickly start to realize that you can make a bong out of virtually anything. If you are feeling particularly resourceful, you can even make a bong out of an empty inhaler or even the control of one our little brothers’ games.

It might not be pretty with elaborate chambers and a percolator, and it probably won’t be as durable as a store bought device; and what the hell, you might even eat the thing when you’re done. The bottom line here is that it’ll get the job done. So, if you find yourself in the all too familiar condition of not having the regular tools available, try one of these nifty solutions.

Homemade Bong Ideas

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Apple Bong: An apple pipe a day may well keep the doctor away. This is a quick and easy way to make a bong. You can take a fresh apple, stick a hole in the side for your mouthpiece and then carve out the top for your bowl.

Bamboo Bong: If you are one of those eco-friendly cannabis users, you might try this way to make a bong. If you happen to have bamboo around, cut down a single stalk and smoothen it with a piece of sand paper. Drill a hole for your bowl roughly inch down. You can pick any size bamboo depending on your lung capacity.

Carrot Bong: This one is ideal for the vegan. Most vegans will likely have a carrot around. Cut off the tip of the vegetable and poke a hole in it. Be careful not to cut all the way through. Make a small bowl at the top of the carrot on the other side of the mouthpiece that connects to the chamber you dug.

Frost Bong: This one is a bit more complex. You’ll have to order a kit with instructions online. Don’t fret because it is easy to make once you get the kit and follow the instructions. You can order from

Gravity Bong: Grab an empty soda or water bottle and another larger bottle. Cut off the bottom of the smaller bottle. Then cut off the top of the larger bottle and place the smaller bottle into the larger one. Fill the larger bottle with water. Get a small square piece of aluminum foil and crumble it up. Wrap this foil over the top lid of the smaller bottle. Press it down a little so that you can now use it as your bowl. Poke a few small holes in it with a pin or paperclip. Light the bowl of the smaller bottle. At the same time lift the smaller bottle out of the larger one. You’ll notice smoke beginning to form. Now pull the bowl off and inhale the smoke.

Homemade Bong Honey BearHoney Bear Bong: You need an empty honey bear container a knife or ice pick and a removable stemmed bowl. Cut a hole in the stomach of the bear. Draw the smoke out of the top tip wear the honey usually comes out.

Inhaler Bong: This one is pretty easy. Grab a standard empty inhaler, some aluminum foil, and a knife. Take the cartridge off and wrap the foil around it to make your bowl. Make a few tiny holes with a pin or paper clip. Now light up and inhale.

Lego Bong: You’ll need to build an air tight container with a bowl connected to it. You’ll also need a choke and a mouthpiece. Your skills with LEGOs come in handy here. The fun part about this is that you can make it any size you want.

Metal Pipe Bong: You might need to take a trip to the hardware store to make a bong like this. There are many ways to make this one. Your mind will begin to imagine a host of methods once you end up in the plumbing aisle. Go with what appeals to you regarding pieces.

Pen Pipe Bong: Take a regular pen and unscrew it removing all the pieces from the chamber and place the nib on the tip. This will reverse the way it should fit in the pen. Fill the nib with weed and you are all set.

Pop Can Bong: You’ll need a regular aluminum can and a sharp object. Dent the side of the can to serve as your bowl. Stick several holes in the can. You’ll need to poke a second hole for a choke. The smoke should be able to flow freely. Be careful to use this method sparingly because smoking through an aluminum can is considered very unhealthy.

Pringles Can Bong: This one requires some hardware. For this, you’ll need a Pringles can, a sharp object, a stemmed bowl and some duct tape. Cut a small hole in the can for your removable bowl. Once you’ve done, this tape it down. Take the lid off for your mouth piece. Be sure to clean the can otherwise you’ll get small potato chip residue with your smoke. Use a knife or ice pick to punch a hole on one side of the top of the can about three inches. Make a second hole.

Starbursts: For this one, any soft candy will suffice. For this one, all you need is candy, an ink pen. Start by mashing several Starbursts together and then make a hole in the middle. Don’t make the hole all the way through. Make a small bowl on the other side of the mouthpiece you just made.

Toilet Paper Steamroller: Take a toilet paper or paper towel roll and cut a round. Cover the hole with aluminum foil and stick a few holes in the foil and the side for your bowl.

This small bong can fit right in your pocket. First, drill a hole in an empty Tic-Tac box. You should use a regular down stem or an ink pen.

Homemade__Bong_waterbottleWater Bottle Bong: This is considered to be one the easy classics if you’re wondering how to make a bong. You need a clean plastic bottle. Stick a hole in it half way up. You place the down stem in the hole, or you can use a pen. For the bowl, you can use a metal screw or bolt. You can also use the nib of an ink pen.

Any self-respecting stoner will have basic bong making as part of their repertoire. Constructing your own pieces assures that regardless whether you have the appropriate paraphernalia on hand, you can still get stoned. Using a bong is a terrific way to maximize your hit because other devices may not allow you to get such a huge puff so easily and with minimal materials.

So, the next times you find yourself wanting to smoke and have nothing to smoke from, consider one of these easy to make home-made bongs. You’ll find that a quick look through the house will turn up more ideas than you can imagine. Look at empty food containers, children’s toys or simply scour your trash to find your perfect bong to get you high. Now you have everything you need to make a bong right at home!


Article By: Alfonzo Porter