What Is Dissolvable THC?

THC Molecule
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Marijuana-infused edibles are one of the largest and most profitable product categories within the cannabis industry. Think about it ? who doesn’t love being able to eat a brownie and get baked? Edibles are not only one of the most potent cannabis products on the market, but they are extremely appealing to those who are new to marijuana. Due to the high demand for cannabis-infused goodies, there hundreds of different edible companies on the market. Every edible vendor out there is trying to find their niche within this market, and consumers are always wanting the next best thing when it comes to any industry. As more and more research and development are put into the cannabis industry, the more fine-tuned the edibles become. While edibles infused with THC distillate have recently been all the rave, the next best marijuana edible is here: dissolvable THC.

What is Dissolvable THC?

Like every marijuana product out there, it’s important for consumers to know what they’re taking and how it was made. Dissolvable THC is a fairly new technology for the cannabis industry and it has the potential to drastically change how edibles are consumed. But how does it work? Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are oils, and we all know water and oil don’t mix. So how is it possible to create a dissolvable THC product?

It all starts with taking a cannabis extract oil, like THC distillate, breaking the oils down into micro-particles, and wrapping the particles in food-grade emulsifiers. An emulsifier takes a particle of cannabis oil and surrounds it with a bunch of tiny little molecular heads that act as a diffuser of tension amongst the water and oil. To take it a step further, these molecular heads are both polar and non-polar. As the emulsifiers wrap themselves around the particles of oil, the non-polar attraction is directed towards the oil and the polar attraction is directed towards the water. The result of this process is dissolvable cannabinoids like THC.

While it may seem like a crazy process, emulsifiers are used in a variety of different consumer products. In fact, the saying “oil and water don’t mix” is disproved by many household items. For instance, mayonnaise, salad dressings, hand lotion, and even hair conditioner all have emulsifiers to thank. It is great to finally see modern technology be used in the world of cannabis to create top-shelf products!

Why Use Dissolvable THC?

With all of the different cannabis products out there, it’s always tough to decide which one you should get. Dissolvable THC has a multitude of consumer applications that are meant to make for more accurate dosing, easier ingestion, better taste, and more effective highs. The ability to mix THC with any water-based product is truly game-changing. Consumers now have an endless array of possibilities when it comes to infused products. Edibles are no longer limited to baked goods ? dissolvable THC can be used in your everyday cooking recipes to pair your meal with a relaxing high.

Dissolvable THC is perfect for consumers who are looking for a healthier and easier way to consume cannabis. A majority of edibles on the market are a baked good or infused candy that are full of sugar. Medical consumers with diabetes now have a cannabis product that allows them to infuse their water, tea, or even soup. Unlike your common cannabis-infused edible, dissolvable THC is an edible that is broken down by your small intestine and is sublingual, which is absorbed through your saliva glands. Dissolvable THC has a much higher bio-availability than most edibles. This causes the effect from dissolvable THC to be a bit different from other edibles. The consumers who say they never feel the effects of common edibles may actually be more susceptible to the effects of dissolvable THC.

A majority of marijuana-infused products contain anywhere from 10 ? 20mg of THC per serving. And with a few low-dosage options with 2.5 ? 5mg servings, dissolvable THC gives the consumer the ability to choose their own dosage. It is the perfect product for micro-dosing and determining what the perfect dosage is for you. Dissolvable THC is perfect for medical cardholders and consumers who can’t chew, smoke, or take pills. There is finally an edible that fits nearly every type of consumer. And with the potential of completely changing how all edible companies infuse their products, dissolvable THC has some amazing capabilities for both consumers and manufactures.

Who Makes Dissolvable THC?

Stillwater Brands:

Ripple Dissolvable THC

Ripple Dissolvable THCThere are a few dissolvable THC vendors on the market, but not a single one of them do it quite like Stillwater’s product line known as Ripple. Ripple is a flavorless, calorie-free, water-soluble cannabinoid powder that is changing the way edibles are both made and consumed. With Ripple, consumers can now precisely dose their everyday meals with a little bit of cannabis. Their water-soluble cannabinoid powder can be used in both food and beverages. In anything from salad dressings to coffee and to even pasta, Ripple allows consumers the freedom to choose their edible experience. Ripple’s website has a wonderful list of cannabis recipes to try out with their products and even tells you how to accurately dose each recipe.

Ripple is one of the more unique edibles on the market for many different reasons. Not only is it a ridiculously multi-purpose cannabis product, but it is broken down by our bodies in a completely different way than most edibles. Instead of the THC being absorbed into the bloodstream and through the liver, water-soluble THC is broken down in a triple-absorption process. Ripple is absorbed into your saliva glands under your tongue before making its way into your digestive system and eventually finding its way to the liver. This absorption method results in a fast-acting, effective, and controlled edible experience.

Their water-soluble cannabinoid powder comes in three different options. Ripple Balance is a 1:1 ratio with 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. This is perfect for micro-dosing throughout your day. Ripple Pure is a 10mg serving of dissolvable THC that is ideal for those THC lovers who want the freedom to create their own edibles. They even do a 20:1 ratio called Ripple Relief with 10 mg of CBD and 0.5mg of THC. This is great for medical consumers who do not wish to have any psychoactive effect but still need the entourage effect from both CBD and THC. Ripple takes pride in having a product that tailors to all consumers. You can find Ripple in recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado.

What to Expect Next

There are a couple marijuana vendors that offer dissolvable THC products, like THC breath strips. While these are a form of water-soluble THC, they don’t have the same capabilities as Ripple’s water-soluble cannabinoid powder. As this industry continues to grow and more research and development is done, it will be interesting to see how much dissolvable cannabinoids will change the edible sector. With dissolvable THC, consumers can now accurately dose their own food and beverages without having to worry about consistency or the hashy taste. Dissolvable THC takes away the majority of the consumer complaints that are commonly associated with edibles. Ask your local dispensary about what dissolvable THC products they offer!


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