Cannabis Tincture: Why It’s Essential for the Cannabis Lover

using a cannabis tincture

Aside from smoking, vaping, consuming edibles, and dabbing, cannabis tinctures are an effective method for consuming cannabis. There are multiple reasons why cannabis lovers would want to use this form of medicine, especially due to the countless benefits it contains. Historically, cannabis tinctures were a commonly used medicine in the United States until it was banned in 1937 because of prohibition. Since then, cannabis tinctures have been working their way into the modernized cannabis industry, and this method has captured the attention of people everywhere. Find out why by reading more about cannabis tinctures below.

Cannabis lovers utilize the plant for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they either want to experience the medical properties and benefits it contains and/or to feel some degree of euphoria/high. Fortunately for all cannabis users, tinctures contain CBD, THC, and/or a mixture of these two compounds. You may wonder what cannabis tinctures really are, how they’re made, and how they work.

For starters, cannabis tinctures are made through the soaking of cannabis flowers in alcohol, and then, there’s a period of waiting time for the cannabis and alcohol to infuse. Sometimes, hash, kief, and/or leaf trim can be used for tinctures rather than just the cannabis flowers, as mentioned by As compared to other traditional herbal tinctures, cannabis tinctures consist of a concentrated liquid form of cannabis.

What may come as a surprise to people is the presence of alcohol in cannabis tinctures. There are several reasons why cannabis tinctures contain alcohol including the fact that it extracts the cannabinoids and terpenes from the whole cannabis plant, which as a result, leaves behind a highly concentrated liquid with many active compounds. In addition, alcohol is used to preserve the cannabis compounds, which is essential when using this method due to the length of time it takes to consume this form of cannabis compared to others.

Furthermore, a huge benefit that cannabis lovers would appreciate is that the alcohol used in cannabis tinctures helps the body absorb the medicine at a faster rate. During the making of cannabis tinctures, the alcohol dissolves the plant’s content and its chemicals including the trichomes, cannabinoids, terpenes, and oils. Due to the content of cannabis tinctures, the highly concentrated alcohol intensifies the plant’s effects, and as a result, it speeds up the absorption of the compounds into the body.

Cannabis tinctures are not only an effective way of consuming cannabis, but this method is healthy, convenient, and easy to transport and use in many situations and locations. Since there is no smoking involved in the usage of cannabis tinctures, users don’t have to worry about possibly developing a respiratory issue or breathing problem. Additionally, tinctures are great for cannabis lovers because they can last much longer than edibles. As long as tinctures are kept in a cool and dark area in the pantry or refrigerator, it can last for years at a time.

Crowd of PeopleAnother reason why cannabis lovers would benefit from tinctures is the discreetness, portability, and convenience of it. Cannabis tinctures are odorless and low-key, so patients can consume their medicine without worrying about people noticing or drawing attention. Fortunately, people can use cannabis tinctures nearly anywhere, since it doesn’t look like standard cannabis medicine nor does it smell.

In general, the effects of cannabis tinctures occur within the first fifteen minutes of usage, which is something most stoners and medical patients would appreciate. Usually, cannabis tincture highs last anywhere from four to eight hours depending on the dosage and strain. As mentioned by, the high/euphoric effects normally peak around ninety minutes after usage. Because of the relatively strong effects of cannabis tinctures, users would only need two or three teaspoons of the medicine per day, depending on what medical condition/disease/illness they’re using the tincture for.

Moreover, there are a few ways that cannabis lovers can consume the medicine including sublingually, orally, or mixed with food. When taking the medicine sublingually, it’s best to drop a certain amount of tincture underneath your tongue and let it stay there for about thirty seconds before swallowing. When consuming the medicine orally, it may take longer to feel the effects because the tincture needs to be absorbed through the body’s digestive system first, as mentioned by LeafScience. Therefore, if users want to feel the effects quickly, the best administration method is sublingually.

On a similar note, cannabis lovers would benefit from cannabis tinctures because tinctures are low on calories, which is vastly different than edibles. Not only are cannabis tinctures a healthy and natural medicine, but they’re an efficient way to receive the non-toxic and non-pharmaceutical beauty and power of the plant’s cannabinoids. Due to the many medical benefits people receive from cannabis tinctures, this method is ideal for users of all ages, especially young children and elderly people who cannot or should not smoke or vape cannabis.

Overall, for recreational and medical users alike, cannabis tinctures are a wonderful option to medicate nearly wherever and whenever. Fortunately, the consumption process is quite easy since it takes less than one minute to consume the medicine and the pain relief is felt right away. Another aspect of tinctures that cannabis lovers would enjoy is the fact that this method is economically affordable, and it’s possible to make tinctures at home as long as the individual has the right materials and proper knowledge of the process.

Not only are cannabis tinctures effective, convenient, and medically beneficial, but it was powerful enough to be a common historically used medicine before it was banned in 1937. If you’re looking to medicate in a healthy, affordable, convenient, and effective way, consider trying out cannabis tinctures and see what it’ll do for you.

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